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30 things gluten free people are tired of hearing

If you can read through this entire post without cringing or saying ‘me too’, then you deserve some sort of medal. Here’s the 30 things gluten free people are tired of hearing.

All 30 of these things were kindly contributed through you guys who follow me over on Instagram. First of all – I can’t believe the stuff some of you guys have had to endure! Scariest of all, I’ve heard/experienced nearly all 30 of these at some point in my gluten free life too… *shudder* So here’s the 30 things gluten free people are tired of hearing…

30 things people with food allergies/intolerances are tired of hearing

Hold onto your hats… it’s going to be a bumpy ride!

1. “Very recently someone told me out of the two meals they were holding, she was sure one of them was gluten free but she didn’t know which… I’d have to try them to find out” @glutenfreefun

Ok, ok – eating out with food allergies/intolerances can feel like a bit of a gamble at times. But this is waaaay too literal!

2. “A fish and chip shop in London that actually offered GF (thank god I checked that it’s in separate fryers) when told it wasn’t, the chef said – it’s fried in hot oil so it’s burnt off anyway. Also had someone ask me if I’m on a GF diet like Beyoncé…” @coeliac_in_the_city

Where did people get the idea that this was a thing? You can’t solve all of life’s problems by frying them.

(Unless you’re Beyoncé, apparently.)

3. “When a waiter or waitress is sarcastic after ordering your gluten free meal and then them reassuring you the water is ‘gluten free'” @emma_soley

Ok, now all I need is a sarcasm-free waiter – mine seems to contain traces of moron too.

4. “The worst is hearing that “I’m boring” because of my intolerances or that “you can try a little bit it’s all about balance!” @glutenfree_sofiamarie

Why does everyone suddenly become a medical professional when it comes to intolerances? Despite knowing absolutely nothing, everyone is quite happy to say ‘a little bit won’t hurt’. BUT WHAT ARE YOU BASING THIS ON???

5. “My ex boyfriend would wave rolls in my face and go “oh come on… just one bite. It won’t hurt you.” and he would order something like cheese sticks and go “haha it’s funny you can’t have any of these.” @wolfrachel22

Now I see why he’s your ex boyfriend.

6. “Someone actually said that I must not be ‘that much of a celiac’ because I can touch food with gluten in…” @maddsmoorexx

I think they were just disappointed that gluten didn’t have the same effect on you as kryptonite has on Superman.

7. “The chef said there is only a little bit of wheat flour in the sauce so you should be ok” @stevewardell63

I thought I said I wanted my food ‘gluten free’, not ‘gluten-free-ish-sort-of-well-there’s-a-bit-in-there’. My mistake.

8. “A waitress response to my question regarding gluten cross contamination was… “You’re just a celiac, it’s not like you’ll die or anything.” @celiacchat

Wow. We’ve got another medical expert here. 

9. “I genuinely once got asked by a waitress whether I actually had coeliac disease or whether I was following a TREND.” @michaela.e.taylor

If I say I’m following a trend, will you bring my food out with a fidget spinner on top?

10. “Being served a gluten free pizza base in Pizza express having ordered a gf one and the waitress asking “does it really matter?” just a little bit ahaha” @ashton_lamb_357

Have you ever heard someone ask for their steak to be cooked rare/medium/well-done only to be asked ‘does it really matter?’

No, me neither.

So why are people so flippant like this with actual important things like allergies/intolerances?

30 things people with food allergies/intolerances are tired of hearing

This isn’t what I meant when I said I needed gluten free flour.

11. “Hypnosis will cure it is one I’ve had from a family member, also “I’ve found some tablets on the internet that you can take to make it go away” from another family member.” @mlmoody19

I wish I could take some tablets from the Internet to make people saying things like this go away.

12. “I went to my GP and said I had an allergy to wheat and his response was “don’t eat it then!” @crystal_the_bulldog

I find it strange that someone who has had to study for years to be a GP ends up giving you advice that sounds like it came from your Dad.

Very helpful indeed.

13. “Asked for a dairy alternative milk in Costa, got told they didn’t have any and did I really need it? Couldn’t I just have normal milk!” @kayleigh_todd87

Do I really need it? No, I was just asking for fun – I’ll take 100 pints of your finest normal milk please.

14. “Well if you cut it out, you’ll never get used to it…” @stickpants

Again – why do people think this? I was able to eat gluten for the first 18 years of my life, was that not enough time to ‘get used to it’?

15. “I was in a relatively smart restaurant with a group of friends and after I spoke to the waiter as discretely as I could about what I could and couldn’t have, one of my friends turned to me and in a very accusatory manner said “oh come on it’s not like you’re allergic. A little bit won’t do you any harm” @alibrennan

I feel like we should come up with a name for people who think you can eat ‘a little bit.’ They can all meet up annually and eat ‘little bits’ of food.

16. “I feel so sorry for you, it must be soooo terrible” Yeah thanks for that whilst I watch you eating the most delicious thing on the menu.” @sarahhumphris

No go on, you enjoy yourself. This burger with no bun or chips is delicious and the hot burger patty is scalding my hands.

17. “Ohh… are you still doing that then” @foodie_fitness_and_frolics

Yep… still forced to not eat gluten for medical reasons… no miracle cure as of yet…

18. “You must eat so healthy because you’re gluten free” @silvertigo

Yes, remove the gluten and it’s all suddenly healthy! Gluten free cakes? So healthy! Gluten free biscuits? So nutritious!

(that was sarcasm)

19. “My most recent one was “how allergic are you? Can you use the same toaster as regular bread?” That was a no, so they didn’t even bother trying to toast it on the grill, just gave me buttered bread. I suppose it’s not all bad, at least they asked.” @charltracy

You know you’ve been gluten free too long when you get served a piece of buttered bread, yet you still appreciate the fact that they asked.

30 things people with food allergies/intolerances are tired of hearing

Don’t mind me, just trying to search for a place that I can order gluten free food without being interrogated.

20. “Can you eat potatoes? Doh!” @stellabyfield

When did we become in charge of educating everyone about what does and doesn’t contain gluten?

21. “When I say I have coeliac disease…”Omg I know exactly how you feel, I’m a vegetarian” @joannamchugh89

Wow. When were you first diagnosed as a vegetarian?

(actually laughed out loud when I read that back)

22. “If I couldn’t eat gluten I’d be picketing outside the doctor’s office until they fixed me – you need to do more, you’re not helping yourself.” @autumnsmile

Yep, it’s totally my fault there’s no cure for food allergies and intolerances. Sorry about that guys. I’ll try and sit outside my GP surgery in the rain for a few hours tomorrow and get this sorted out.

23. “It’s a fake illness” That earned my tallest finger salute!

Don’t get me started on the people who say ‘it’s all in your head…’

24. “When I say is it gluten free and they say yes it’s vegan ???? What !!! Lol” @amanda.hannahs

Yes, totally the same thing!

25. “Sister in law said to me do you want some chow mein ? It’s delicious. Me: no thanks I would have ordered that myself if I could have it. She’s known me for 18 years she still doesn’t get it” @sparkypussinboots

Yep, my family still offer me tons of things I clearly can’t eat too. Am I expecting too much for people to just know that gluten is in bread and cakes?

26. “Can you have brown bread?” @rachelgoulter


27. “Fav of mine is “oh really? what actually happens if you eat it though?” @rachhalice

My head explodes. Keep it away from me.

28. “Have you ever been intentionally given the wrong food by someone, ‘just to see’ how your body reacts? This happened to me, so now I don’t let anyone prepare my food.” @_unconventionallove

Sadly, I have been given gluten by someone on purpose. They didn’t do it in a malicious way, they just belonged to the ‘it’s all in your head’ gang.

In a strange way, it’s like they’re trying to do you a favour, but yeah. All you did was send me to the toilet.

29. “I had one person feed me wheat and not tell me cos they thought I was being ‘fussy’ and ‘following a fad’. Let’s say they felt pretty sheepish when they saw the awful reaction I had and spent ages in pain and in the bathroom.” @majasmama_81

I was actually shocked I wasn’t the only one who this had happened to. Quite a few people mentioned this – it’s terrible really!

30. “My mum went misdiagnosed as a coeliac for about 6 years and after blood tests her doctor suggested the reason she was so skinny was because she was anorexic, finally got diagnosed after a biopsy.” @blonde_shambles

Again… these people are highly educated and experienced… but it does seem like they’re just guessing sometimes.

30 things people with food allergies/intolerances are tired of hearing

Thanks for checking out the 30 things gluten free people are tired of hearing! Did I miss anything out? What other things have you heard that were just quite simply ridiculous?

Let me know by leaving a comment below or you can message me on Facebook / Twitter / Instagram! If you enjoyed this post you’ll probably enjoy this one and this one (or any of the ones below) too.

Thanks for reading,

Becky xxx

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