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17 Ways To Spot A Gluten Free Person

It’s not easy being gluten free, but to the average wheat-eater, we can seem a bit confusing. Yes ok, a salad is gluten free, but that doesn’t mean I actually want one!

That’s why I’ve created 17 Ways To Spot A Gluten Free Person – to help ease the process of identifying a genuine gluten dodger. You may even pick up a few rules of gluten free etiquette along the way, so you better start taking notes…

1. In an unfamiliar supermarket, they can be found searching for the free from aisle.

2. Where they have to pay twice as much as other people for all their food.

3. Plus, it takes them twice as long to shop because they have to read the ingredients on everything.

4. And they always politely decline free samples.

5. But inviting them out to eat doesn’t put much of a smile on their face either.

6. Where they order from a different menu with 80% less choice than yours.

7. And heaven forbid if salad or fruit is the other 20%.

8. Offering to share your food doesn’t seem to improve the situation.

9. And then they interrogate the waiter when placing their order.

10. Despite ordering the same meal as you, their meal looks much worse.

11. And you always wonder why their McDonalds order looks like this:

12. They choose from what they can eat, not what they actually want to eat.

13. And because of this, they’re liable to over react when they find something they actually can and want to eat.

14. But if you haven’t yet earned their trust, they will likely just bring their own food with them.

15. Especially when you then mention the word ‘buffet’.

16. They have a mild hatred towards people who eat gluten free without good reason.

17. Yet a strange sense of respect for their own.

But you probably won’t spot us really. We just blend in too well.

Thanks for checking out 17 Ways To Spot A Gluten Free Person! Did I miss anything out? How else do you think you give away the fact that you’re gluten free?

Let me know by leaving a comment below or you can message me on Facebook / Twitter / Instagram! If you enjoyed this post you’ll probably enjoy this one and this one too.

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Becky xxx


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