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16 Problems That Happen When You Have IBS

Managing your IBS problems can be tough and it affects different people in very different ways. If I was to list the foods I have to permanently avoid, we’d be here all day. So instead, here’s a list of my every day IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) struggles!

Whether it’s having a map of every toilet within a 30 mile radius tattooed on the back of your hand or just simply forgetting to check whether or not something has onions it, just remember – you’re not alone! What are your biggest IBS problems? Leave us a comment at the bottom of the post and enjoy.

1. After being diagnosed by your Doctor, you’re pretty much on your own.


2. It’s so much fun discovering all the foods you can no longer tolerate.


3. Oh, and you can never have too much toilet paper.


4. People will ask about your IBS, but then immediately regret it.


5. But you’ll be just a little too overjoyed when a public place isn’t short of toilets.


6. You never can predict what’s gonna happen when you sit on the loo.


7. Apart from the fact you might be stuck there for a very long time.


8. Nobody will understand or care about your FODMAP diet.


9. And you’ll suddenly have to avoid loads of foods that trigger your IBS.


10. Otherwise, people will just assume that you’re so bloated that you must be pregnant.


11. But with such a long list of foods to avoid, you’ll inevitably slip up eventually.


12. And the IBS attack could possibly last for days on end.


 13. IBS can also often leave you feeling pretty embarrassed.


 14. But when you finally find something you can eat, it’s a glorious moment.


15. But whatever happens with your IBS, just always be prepared.


16. And maybe one day… you and your gut can finally be friends again.

ibs-love-your-gutWhat are your biggest IBS problems? Did we miss anything off the list? Be sure to leave us a comment below letting us know how IBS affects your life and how you best try to manage it. Does the FODMAP diet help you?

If you’re struggling to manage your IBS and it’s getting you down, don’t forget to check out the IBS Network. It’s a great service that offers you support when you’ve got no where else to turn to. Please leave a tip on managing IBS and let us know about your IBS problems on Facebook or Twitter too.

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