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28 NEW products in the Sainsbury’s Gluten Free Christmas Range 2019

Yep, I’m back and banging on about Christmas again! Today I’m gonna show you what’s new (and old because why not?) in the Sainsbury’s Gluten Free Christmas Range 2019!

Who knew that the Sainsbury’s gluten free Christmas range would be out on shelves in September?! Either way, I’m definitely not complaining – it’s nice to know that we won’t go hungry come December, so let’s have a look at what’s new and a few returning faves.

Oh and feel free to bookmark this page as I update it every year and yep, this has been updated for 2019 already 👌🏻

(I’ll be keeping this post updated with prices and new products as Christmas approaches as there’s still a few new products still to come, so keep checking back!)

Oh and also make sure you’re following me on Instagram where I post all my latest gf finds first – that way, you’ll always know all the most recent finds and never miss any!

Here’s 28 NEW products in the Sainsbury’s Gluten Free Christmas Range 2019 👇🏻

Unlike Tesco who seem to have all their free from products down the seasonal Christmas aisle this year (and none of it in the free from aisle), Sainsbury’s seems to have done a bit of both.

Most of these products were in the free from aisle, but I did find a few repeats of the same stuff down the Christmas aisle too. So it’s probably a good idea to check both aisles if you’re not in a massive rush.

(I’m usually a speedy blur when I’m in the supermarket!)

Ok so here’s everything in the new Sainsbury’s gluten free Christmas range in 2019…

1. Sainsbury’s Free From 2 Cranberry and Orange Mince Pies – Gluten free, milk free

Here’s a brand new product to kick start Sainsbury’s gluten free Christmas range in 2019!

They might look familiar,  but they’ve actually got a cranberry and orange mince pie filling and pink shimmery dust on top. They look fab!

Plus, they’re dairy free too so that’s even less people missing out on these 👌🏻 Which supermarket does the best mince pie in your opinion?

Let me know by leaving me a comment below this post!

2. Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Free From Cookie and Shortbread Selection – Gluten free (this is my fave product in the Sainsbury’s gluten free Christmas range)

This is the type of product that makes me excited and yep, it’s another brand new product!

I love a biscuit selection like this simply because it’s the type of thing that I can buy for everyone to enjoy (yes, even gluten-eaters) and then I can steal a few as well for once!

So often, my very kind family will buy me something like this just for me to eat – they won’t go near them – then I end up eating them all or wasting tons <- I’m not sure which is worse really?!

I think 2020 should be the year that our gluten-eating friends/family realise that our food isn’t weird or bad tasting – so hopefully we can all enjoy this together on Christmas day.

3. Buttermilk Mince Pie Fudge – Gluten free, dairy free, vegan

This is definitely a new kid on the block – dairy free mince pie fudge that’s suitable for vegans too.

My boyfriend is lactose intolerant so I bought him this to try, but he wasn’t a huge fan. He said it tasted more like spiced fudge than mince pie fudge, so there you go!

(but then again, he does like eating kid’s cereal, so you might have to go try this one for yourself 😆)

Either way, it’s nice to see new gluten free, dairy free AND vegan products popping up so give them a try and let us know what you think.

4. Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Free From Choc, Cherry and Amaretto Cookies – Gluten free

Soooo many new products! Here’s another option which I’m hoping the whole family won’t notice are gluten free – the chocolate, cherry and amaretto cookies.

All the taste the difference biscuits seem to be going for 100% butter this year, so that might not be great news for any dairy free folks out there. But I’m so happy to see new products appearing in Sainsbury’s gluten free Christmas range every year.

Has anyone found these yet? Or tried them? Leave me a little review in the comments below if you have as I probably won’t buy these until it’s closer to Christmas 👇🏻

5. Nutrifree Panettone – Gluten free and lactose free

Here’s the product you’ve all been waiting for… not just a gluten free panettone… a GIANT panettone!

They didn’t get these in my Sainsbury’s until it was nearly Christmas last year, so I was so glad to see these in good supply so early for once.

Tesco do a small panettone, but c’mon, it’ll be Christmas – you’ve gotta go for the biggest one, right? 😂

This one has chocolate chips inside it, but it’s also lactose free too. Nice!

6. Sainsbury’s Free From Mini Christmas Pudding – Gluten free, wheat free, milk free, nut free

Aaaand here’s the first of two Christmas puddings, starting with the smallest one first – the perfect size for a one person serving.

These have been a fave for many years now, but this year they return in the all-new Sainsbury’s branding/packaging – I thought I’d throw them in so you know what you’re looking for.

(when I first posted the Sainsbury’s Christmas range here on the blog, we didn’t even get festive packaging which now seems very sad to think!!)

It’s great to see that these are nut free too because soooo few products – in and out of the free from aisle – are willing to even state that. So big thumbs up from me for that 👍🏻

7. Sainsbury’s Free From Chocolate Sponge Pudding – Gluten free, wheat free, milk free

I love little sponge puddings like this! These little desserts are great at Christmas if you’re either:

a) the only gluten free person and can’t eat what everyone else is having

b) you have to take a few gluten free options over to someone’s house because… you’re the only gluten free person and can’t eat what everyone else is having!!

Neither scenario is ideal, but having one of these little puds solves both problems pretty easily. I’d defo recommend having a little ice cream with it like it shows on the packaging – I love that hot/cold combo!

8. Sainsbury’s Free From White Chocolate and Chocolate Santa – Gluten free, wheat free, milk free

Here’s a nice little stocking filler for any gluten free/dairy free kids (or big kids!) out there. These have been a staple in the Sainsbury’s gluten free Christmas range for a long time now, but again – we’ve got new packaging.

I would love to see these jazzed up a little to make them more exciting in the future – I mean, when you go to the actual chocolate section in a supermarket, how many of the options are just plain chocolate?!

Not many! Check out my Tesco gluten free Christmas range post for a couple of gluten free and dairy free chocolate selection boxes which might spark a little more excitement.

The one at number 16 had Mark pretty happy but it might not fit in a stocking as easily!!

9. Walkers Gluten Free Pure Butter Shortbread – Gluten free

You can’t beat a bit of buttery shortbread at Christmas, especially when it’s the real deal – made in bonny Scotland!

They’ve even got the Coeliac UK crossed grain symbol on them too 👌🏻

Again, this isn’t a great option for the dairy free readers because it’s another biscuit made using butter – but if you can’t find any safe options, let me know and I’ll happily recommend some.

You can always make my 5 ingredient chocolate chunk shortbread recipe – it’s easy, promise!

10. Sainsbury’s Free From Christmas Pudding – Gluten free, wheat free, milk free, nut free

What would Christmas be without a free from Christmas pudding?

(pretty good for all the Christmas pudding dodgers out there like me I guess 😂)

But again, this one is not only gluten free wheat free AND milk free, but it’s nut free too – hooray!

And unlike the Tesco Free From Christmas pudding, this actually says ‘supports sustainable palm oil’ on the front which is nice to see. Palm oil seems to be in everything these days!

11. Sainsbury’s Free From 9 Ice Fruit Cake Bites – Gluten free, milk free, egg free, vegan

If the product after this one is a little too much for you (or you’re vegan/egg free) then these mini iced fruit cake bites are definitely for you.

Sainsbury’s are definitely winning on the little cake bites this year – I haven’t seen any at all in Tesco yet! These are perfect if you’re eating these on your own or nobody wants to share with you.

There’s a few more products like this to come so keep scrolling if you prefer these little squares to a mahoooosive-full-on cake 👇🏻

12. Sainsbury’s Free From Ice Fruit Cake Bar – Gluten free, milk free

But just in case the bites weren’t enough for you, you can actually buy an entire iced fruit cake bar and it’s actually pretty chunky!

This one however is NOT vegan or egg free, so bear that in mind if it applies to you.

(stick to the bites above if that’s a deal breaker for you)

I’m not the biggest fan of fruit cake personally, so let me know your thoughts on how it tastes in the comments below this post 👇🏻

13. Sainsbury’s Free From 9 Ginger TIffin Bites – Gluten free, milk free, egg free

I told you that there’s a lot of little bites in Sainsbury’s gluten free Christmas range this year… and here’s more evidence!

And these might just be the best of the bunch – they’re 9 ginger-flavoured tiffins with a nice gold glitter on top. Very fancy, eh?

And yep, these are egg free and vegan too – result.

The only downside is there’s a lot more plastic packaging in these products than most others in this list, so that’s something to bear in mind if you’re trying to reduce your plastic waste.

14. Sainsbury’s Free From 9 Raspberry and Coconut Flapjack Bites – Gluten free, milk free, egg free

I’m back again with more bites and yep, they’re vegan and egg free again!!

Apart from the whole plastic thing, I do love these products as in reality, I do often end up eating my gluten free options all by myself.

Instead of cutting off slice after slice of an entire cake, at least I can just snack on a few bites and save the rest for later.

These are actually really nice by the way and remind me of my jam and coconut sponge cake like the ones I used to have for school dinners!

15. Sainsbury’s Free From White Chocolate and Chocolate Coins – Gluten free, wheat free, milk free

How else are you going to pay Santa when he stops by on Christmas eve?! Didn’t you know Santa is gluten free, wheat free and milk free? 😂

Just like Tesco, Sainsbury’s has these little stocking fillers too and I love how they’re actually shaped like a 2p!

Again, I’d love to see a few more flavour variations, but chocolate coins are hardly ever the best chocolate, are they?!

Another good stocking filler nevertheless!

16. Sainsbury’s Free From 4 Mini Chocolate Logs – Gluten free, milk free

We’re still lacking a full-on Yule log in Sainsbury’s gluten free Christmas range, but here’s 4 mini chocolate logs to keep you going for now.

Who here has tried these from previous years? 🤔 Let me know if they still taste the same or if they’ve had any updates in terms of flavour etc.

Also just wanted to point out that the Sainsbury’s labelling system can be a little confusing… For example, this product states ‘gluten free’ and ‘milk free’ on the front.

But they DON’T state wheat free. Even though they are wheat free. The reason I mention it is because on the very next product…

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17. Sainsbury’s Free From Sticky Toffee Sponge Pudding – Gluten free, wheat free, milk free.

You’ll see it is suddenly labelled as wheat free! So that’s something to bear in mind if you’re ever not sure.

Also, some of these products are milk free even though they don’t state it on the front… which can be quite confusing!

(it’s best to always check the ingredients for yourself, even in the free from aisle)

But at least for this product, it’s all quite clear. This is yet another dessert for one and definitely an awesome gluten free option if you’re the only gf person 👌🏻

You can’t really go wrong with a sticky toffee sponge pudding can you?

18. Sainsbury’s Free From 4 Iced Minced Pies – Gluten free, milk free.

See what I mean about the allergy labelling? Where’s the ‘wheat free’ label gone on this one?! It is wheat free FYI!

It’s confusing because there is such a thing as ‘gluten free wheat starch’ which is gluten free, but NOT wheat free… but that’s not the case here.

Oh ignore me, I’m just making things more confusing! Either way, this is a gluten free, wheat free and milk free minced pie with a lovely cherry Bakewell-style icing on top.

They’re definitely not for those without a sweet tooth, but I love them!

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19. Sainsbury’s Free From 4 Mince Pies – Gluten free, milk free and vegan.

But of course, you can’t beat a classic gluten free mince pie can, you? I don’t think the Sainsbury’s gluten free Christmas range would be the same without it!

These are actually vegan too, which is great because the Tesco ones aren’t because they contain egg. These are egg free, but guess what? It doesn’t say they are on the packaging.

(which is again, pretty weird, since the product at number 21 does state egg free on the front!!!)

I’m not gonna weigh into which ones taste better as there’s soooo many options these days, I find it very hard to rank them all! But I will rank them all if you guys really want me to – Mark will help me I’m sure!

20. Moo Free Advent Calendar – Gluten free, dairy free, vegan.

And after I posted the Free From Kitchen dairy free advent calendar in my Tesco Christmas post, a lot of you said I should buy this one instead!

So you know? I will! The Moo Free chocolate is always a winner and I’d recommend heading over to that Tesco post I just linked above too and checking out their new chocolate and hazelnut truffles.

They are to die for! Mark’s lactose free so all chocolate apart from dairy free is off the menu for him. But at least I can still get him an advent calendar he can enjoy!

(even though he’s way too old for one really 😂)

21. Sainsbury’s Free From Crispy Granola Bar – Gluten free, milk free, egg free.

And I thought I’d throw in a couple of extra bonus products that aren’t exactly Christmas-y but just happened to turn up when all the Christmas stuff did!

So first of all is this crispy granola bar which is gluten free, milk free AND egg free.

Yep, it does state egg free on the front today… but even though that makes this vegan, they’ve decided not to put vegan on the front 🙃

All this labelling is giving me a bit of a headache!! But at least you guys are aware that it’s a bit higgledy-piggledy – just make sure you triple check the ingredients if you need to.

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22. Sainsbury’s Free From Tiffin Bar – Gluten free, milk free, egg free.

And here’s a rather lovely looking tiffin bar which is also gluten free, milk free and egg free.

These bars are great to carry around with you just in case there’s no safe gluten free options in the vicinity – sadly, it still happens!

Which one of the bars would you go for? Crispy granola or the tiffin bar?

23. Sainsbury’s 10 Loaded BBQ Jackfruit Rostis – Gluten free and vegan.

24. Sainsbury’s 10 Cheddar Jalapeno Sticks – Gluten free

25. Sainsbury’s 12 Mini Thai Salmon Fishcakes – Gluten free

26. Sainsbury’s 9 Mini Cheese and Bacon Shells – Gluten free

27. Sainsbury’s 8 Firecracker Chicken Wings – Gluten free

28. Sainsbury’s 12 Bacon and Leek Frittatas – Gluten free

29. Sainsbury’s Free From 6 Vegan Mini Choc Gingerbread People – Gluten free, milk free and vegan

That’s the 29 NEW products in the Sainsbury’s Gluten Free Christmas Range 2019!

Thanks for joining me in checking out the Sainsbury’s Gluten Free Christmas Range 2019! What did you think? Is it too early for Christmas products?! Which one was your favourite? What did you think of the prices? What are we still missing?

Please do let me know by leaving a comment below or by following me on Instagram and leaving me a comment!

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Thanks for reading – you don’t know how much I appreciate it!

Becky xxx

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