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I found ALL of Sainsbury’s gluten-free Christmas products so far (2021)

Sainsbury’s gluten-free Christmas products 2021 – here’s everything so far that are out on supermarket shelves right now! Expect lots of mince pies, Christmas puds and even a few new surprises…

Sainsbury’s gluten-free Christmas products are here and I’ve found ALL of them (so far) for you! There’s no doubt that there will be more to come, so keep checking back for more updates…

The ULTIMATE guide to Sainsbury’s gluten-free Christmas products 2021

Since this is a MEGA guide to Sainsbury’s Christmas gluten-free products in 2021, I thought I’d split this post up into two different parts with more to come.

Using the contents below, you can jump to particular sections if you’re looking for something specific, or feel free to just scroll down to see everything…

Sainsbury’s gluten-free Christmas products: Free From Aisle

Yep, these are the products you’ll find down the free from aisle this Christmas – starting from right now!

Of course, that isn’t to say that it isn’t worth checking outside of the free from aisle for gluten-free products (keep scrolling down for tons more stuff dotted around the store) but it’s always a great place to start.

So here’s this year’s free from aisle finds so far:

1. Sainsbury’s Free From Cocoa Stars and Honey Snowballs Cereal

Gluten-free Christmas… cereal? I think this might be the first time in history that we potentially have a product that even muggles don’t get?!

I must admit that I’m yet to try this, however feeling festive at breakfast is definitely something I’m open to!

2. Sainsbury’s Taste The Difference Free From 4 Chocolate and Cherry Tarts

And here’s another brand new product for 2021 and I’m all for these!

It’s chocolate gluten-free pastry (a very rare thing indeed!) with a dark chocolate and cherry liqueur filling.

Plus, somehow they’re dairy-free and vegan too.

3. Sainsbury’s Taste The Difference Free From 9 Mini Mince Pies

And the star-topped mini mince pies are back for 2021 too!

But don’t worry if you’re concerned that gluten-free food has shrunk again – keep scrolling for the normal-sized mince pies…

4 Sainsbury’s Free From 4 Mince Pies, 4 Iced Mince Pies, Mini Mince Pies

And who could forget gluten-free mince pies? The classic variety as well as those lovely, sweet iced top ones too.

And as always, they’re dairy-free once again too.

5. Sainsbury’s Taste The Difference Free From Choc Truffles

The dairy-free chocolate just gets better and better – especially with these in Sainsbury’s!

6. Schar Spekulatius (Gluten-free Lotus Biscoff Biscuits)

Schar’s gluten-free biscoff biscuits are back and better than ever!

Give them a try and let me know what you think. They’re dairy-free too!

7. Aunt Bessie’s Gluten-free Yorkshire Pudding Mix

Has Aunt Bessie gone gluten-free? For now at least!

Of course, I’d still recommend my gluten-free Yorkshire pudding recipe but I’m biased 😂

8. Buttermilk Plant-Powered Hot Choccy Bombe

This is the type of dairy-free product I never would have thought could exist a few years ago.

But things have come a long way very quickly in recent years – clearly.

Also don’t worry if you’re looking for chocolate that isn’t dairy-free… there’s lots of that later on!

Tescos gluten-free Christmas products 2021: Buttermilk Hot Chocolate Bombe

9+10. Sainsbury’s Free From Advent Calendar + Nomo Vegan + Free From Advent Calendar

We’re getting spoiled for choice with dairy-free advent calendars across supermarkets and either of these are a great choice!

11. Sainsbury’s Free From 4 Caramel Apple Crumble Slices

I believe this is a new one for 2021, so don’t forget to give these a try if you spot them.

I’m always worried free from products will disappear, so I might have to stock up on these! Anyone else do the same?

12, 13, 14, 15. Sainsbury’s Free From Gravy (Beef, Chicken, Vegetable) + Bisto Gluten-free Gravy

Here’s a Christmas cracker joke for you: what’s a Christmas lunch without gravy? Gluten-free!

Bad jokes by me aside, these are available all year round, but I’ve had enough dry, gravy-less roasts to last me a life time.

So consider this one a reminder to remember the gluten-free gravy!

16. Sainsbury’s Free From 4 Mince Pie Chocolate Brownie Slices

And here’s another new one – it’s certainly not your average gluten-free brownie!

These are slices of chocolate brownie with mincemeat added for good measure. Are they up your street? Or more run away down the street away from them? 😂

I’ll definitely be giving these a try personally!

17. Sainsbury’s Taste The Difference Free From Apple Crumble Cookies

Even more apple crumble has made an appearance out of no where – suddenly in cookie form!

Please note that these do not appear to be dairy-free.

18. Sainsbury’s Taste The Difference Free From Chocolate and Clementine Shortbread

Clementine seems to be a big flavour across supermarkets for festive products this year, so at least we get our own too.

Again, doesn’t appear to be dairy-free. Correct me if I’m wrong!

19. Schar Gluten-free Lebkuchen

Every time you see these in supermarkets, you know Christmas must be near!

Seeing these in the free from aisle is as synonymous with Christmas as Santa Claus is these days.

20. NOMO Caramel Filled Choc Drops

Ok – it’s not an advent calendar, but Mark is so obsessed with these but he’s willing to buy two packs and eat one of them a day 😂

They’re a little dear at £5 per box, but honestly… these taste like REAL milk chocolate and REAL caramel.

Probably the closest dairy-free chocolate has come to the real deal. We highly recommend this one!

You can always buy the individual NOMO caramel bar down the free from aisle if you want to see if you agree with us before dropping a fiver.

Nomo Caramel Filled Chocolate Drops Vegan and Dairy-free

21+22. Sainsbury’s Free From 9 Cranberry and Orange Tiffin Bites + 9 Christmas Cake Bites

And here’s a few mini festive bites!

23. Sainsbury’s Free From Stuffing, Mrs Crimbles + Paxo Gluten-free (all sage and onion)

And of course, here’s your festive reminder to never forget the gluten-free stuffing…

24. Sainsbury’s Taste The Difference Free From Christmas Cake

How have we got this far without mentioning Christmas cake?

25. Sainsbury’s Free From Iced Fruit Cake Bar

And here’s a small bar of Christmas cake if you couldn’t manage a whole one.

26. Sainsbury’s Free From Christmas Pudding (small and large) + Taste The Difference Free From Christmas Pudding

Aaaand here’s the first of two Christmas puddings, starting with the smallest one first – the perfect size for a one person serving.

27. Sainsbury’s Free From Gingerbread Snowman

Is it even Christmas without a healthy dose of gingerbread? I think not!

28. Dairy-free and vegan chocolate (free from aisle)

Did I mention how much dairy-free chocolate there is in Sainsbury’s?

I’m pretty sure I did, but here’s a WHOLE lot more. Most of these would make great gifts too!

29. Sainsbury’s Free From Honey Roast Gammon Flavour Tortilla Curls + Lightly Salted Christmas Tree Tortilla Chips

And these festive crisps are back for 2021 too. Will we get another flavour?

We’ll have to wait and see – more products do still pop up every now and then in the run up to Christmas, after all.

Sainsbury’s gluten-free Christmas products: Seasonal Confectionery Aisle

And if you head over to the seasonal aisle, you’ll find LOTS of stuff that’s ‘accidentally’ gluten-free.

As usual, I’ve done the hard work already and found everything suitable for us already – please never assume any product here is gluten-free without checking first.

For example, certain Lindt products are gluten-free and some are NOT. So please triple check the labels on everything, especially if it’s a product that I haven’t featured here.

Sainsbury’s gluten-free Christmas products 2021: Keep checking back as I’ll be adding new products as I find them!

Thanks for joining me in checking out the Sainsbury’s gluten-free Christmas products for 2021! What did you think? Which one was your favourite? What are we still missing?

Please do let me know by leaving a comment below or by following me on Instagram and leaving me a comment!

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Thanks for reading – you don’t know how much I appreciate it!

Becky xxx


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