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37 NEW products in the Tesco Gluten Free Christmas Range 2019

Wow, is it Christmas already? Well, definitely not, but that hasn’t stopped Tesco bringing out a range of gluten free products ready for Christmas 2019. I guess the least we can do is take a sneak peek at the Tesco Gluten Free Christmas Range 2019!

Ok, so before you get all ‘bah humbug’, there’s no harm in taking a peek ahead of time at what you might end up with come December! There’s actually a few pretty exciting finds, so I’ll let you browse the range below and make up your own mind. Here’s the Tesco Gluten Free Christmas Range 2019…

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(I’ll be keeping this post updated with prices and new products as Christmas approaches as there’s at least 5-6 new products still to come, so keep checking back!)

Here’s 37 NEW products in the Tesco Gluten Free Christmas Range 2019 👇🏻

oh and FYI – these were all down the Christmas aisle in Tesco, NOT the free from aisle.

Make sure you let me know if you have any trouble finding any of these ✅

This post is constantly updated! Keep scrolling to the bottom for the NEWEST products 👇🏻

1. Tesco Free From Belgian Chocolate Coated Shortbread Men – Gluten free, wheat free

Remember these from last year? I thought I did… then I realised that these are NOT last year’s gingerbread men like I thought!

They’re actually buttery shortbread men covered in Belgian chocolate 😍 I only realised this when Mark pointed it out when I got home.

So yep, that’s another new product to add to the Tesco gluten free Christmas range 2019!

Also, I love that the packaging is a little house with windows… I know, I’m a big child.

Oh and here’s what they looked like last year – not sure if these ones are gonna be coming back or not 👇🏻

2. Tesco Free From Enrobed Orange Cookies and Cream – Gluten free, wheat free

Thought you’d seen this already when I posted them on Instagram a few days ago? Well, look again!

These are the ORANGE enrobed cookies and cream biscuits – so like an Oreo, but gluten free, covered in milk chocolate and orange flavoured. Heaven!

(I may or may not have eaten waaaaay too many of these already)

Check out product number 6 below to see the ‘original’ flavoured version 👇🏻

3. Tesco Finest Free From Cookie Selection – Gluten free, wheat free

Wowww – I love a good biscuit selection at Christmas and this looks like an absolute beauty!

A few of you guys have noticed there’s a little less dairy free AND gluten free products this year… and I’m sort of noticing the same pattern?

Anyone else disappointed with the lack of dairy free products this year? Anyone else unashamedly happy that they’re not always lumping gf and df together?

I’d love to know your thoughts!

4. Tesco Finest Free From Chocolate and Salted Caramel Sponge – Gluten free, wheat free

Now this will definitely be in my cupboard come Christmas day and apparently it serves 2… we’ll see about that! 😆

I always love having a little pudding like this as a back-up just in case:

a) someone didn’t read the ingredients on the dessert properly this year and I can’t actually eat it

b) dessert turns out to be Christmas pudding

So I’m covered either way! 😂

5. Tesco Free From Mini Cheese Snackers – Gluten free, wheat free

And in terms of savoury snacks, we’re covered too this year!

These mini cheese snackers are a little like mini cheddars and incredibly more-ish. I’d recommend rationing how much you put in a bowl!!

Little nibbles like this are exactly the type of thing that I can never eat, so I’m gonna make sure there’s plenty of these come Christmas day.

(there is some dairy free coming soon, I promise!)

6. Tesco Free From Enrobed cookies and cream biscuits – Gluten and wheat free – £2

These are basically like chocolate covered Oreo’s – but of course, they’re gluten free!

If you’ve tried the ‘Cookies and Cream’ biscuits that have been in the free from aisle for a while now, they’re like those… but smothered in lovely milk chocolate.

Who here’s rushing out to buy these? I only found them today!

Enrobed Cookies and Cream biscuits - Tesco Gluten Free Christmas Range

7. Tesco Free From 4 Caramelised Apple Crumble Pies – Gluten free, wheat free, milk free – £1.75 (my fave so far in the Tesco Gluten Free Christmas Range)

These are AMAZING and dairy free too – hooray!

Anyone else still hunting for more gluten free AND dairy free products? Let me know and I’ll try and help hunt for you!

They’re definitely a little fancier than your standard apple pie in terms of filling too, so make sure you give these a try 👇🏻

4 Caramelised Apple Crumble Pies - Tesco Gluten Free Christmas Range

8. Moo Free Hazelnut Truffles – Gluten free, dairy free, vegan – £5

My boyfriend, Mark, is lactose intolerant and I know that he’ll *love* these!

(of course, I can sneak a few too as they’re gluten free)

I don’t know why there isn’t more dairy free chocolate and hazelnut options… I mean, clearly it’s a tried and tested flavour combo! Hopefully we’ll see more products like this in the Tesco gluten free Christmas range this year.

Moo Free Hazelnut Truffles - Tesco Gluten Free Christmas Range

9. Tesco Free From Christmas Pudding – Gluten free, wheat free, milk free, egg free – £3.75

This has been a staple in the Tesco gluten free Christmas range for years now, but it’s back with new branding!

I love that they’ve made what the products are free from a little clearer by using a colour-coded labelling system, so that gets a big thumbs up from me 👍🏻

I don’t actually like Christmas pudding though, so you don’t want my opinion on how it tastes however 😂

Christmas Pudding Serves 4 - Tesco Gluten Free Christmas Range

10. Tesco Finest Free From 6 Month Matured Christmas Pudding – Gluten free and wheat free – £1.50

Unlike the gluten free Christmas pudding that serves 4 above, this is a mini one that serves 1. Perfect for if you’re the only gf person in your house!

As it’s Tesco’s Finest range too, it’s infused with Cognac – BUT it’s not dairy free.

Which gf Christmas pudding will you be trying this year? 🤔 Number 4 or number 5?

6 month matured Christmas pudding - Tesco Gluten Free Christmas Range

11. Tesco Free From Iced Fruit Slab Cake – Gluten free, wheat free, milk free – £2.50

I think I remember this from last year in the Tesco gluten free Christmas range – but correct me if I’m wrong!

This is gluten free, wheat free AND milk free (hooray!) It’s a lovely moist fruit cake with marzipan icing on top 👌🏻

Again, not the biggest fan of fruit cake either (I’m terrible I know) so let me know your thoughts on how it tastes in the comments below this post.

Iced Fruit Slab - Tesco Gluten Free Christmas Range

12. The Free From Kitchen Advent Calendar – Gluten free, wheat free, milk free, vegan – £2.50

If you’re looking for a vegan or dairy free AND gluten free advent calendar this year, then the Free From Kitchen one is probably your best bet.

The chocolate isn’t super creamy or anything like that, but it’s lovely and sweet, with a nice bite to it.

For so many years, Mark had to go without an advent calendar (he’s 32 years old, he didn’t mind 😂) but I’m so glad I can surprise him with one again now!

Any recommendations of other dairy free advent calendars? Let me know!

Free From Kitchen Advent Calendar - Tesco Gluten Free Christmas Range

13. The Free From Kitchen Choc Selection Box – Gluten free, wheat free, milk free, vegan – £3

I remember when the first ever dairy free and gluten free selection box came out… the Internet went mad for it!

And a few years on, it is still as awesome as it was back then in my opinion. It’s a nice little bit of fun that us free from folks never really got to experience for so many years!

I would love to see a few more variations in this box in the future – like maybe some sort of salted caramel flavours inside? Maybe a few middles filled with something? I don’t know!

It’s basically all plain milk and white chocolate alternatives so I’d love to see a bit more variation in the box next year. Anyone else agree?

Chocolate Selection Box - Tesco Gluten Free Christmas Range

14. The Free From Kitchen White Choc Coins – Gluten free, wheat free, milk free, vegan – £1

Why are chocolate coins a Christmas thing?! Is there some sort of tradition I’m missing out on? Feel free to educate me if you actually know the reason!

These are white chocolate coins that are of course dairy free, wheat free, gluten free and vegan.

(did it bother anyone else how oddly I ordered those?! Or was that just me?)

There’s also some milk chocolate coins too below that I think have appeared in the Tesco gluten free Christmas range before too 👇🏻

White Chocolate Coins - Tesco Gluten Free Christmas Range

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15. The Free From Kitchen Choc Coins – Gluten free, wheat free, milk free, vegan – £1

Ta-da! Yep, here’s the milk chocolate version of the coins. Same chocolate as the selection box and advent calendar of course 👇🏻

Perfect stocking fillers for any lucky dairy free kids out there!

Chocolate Coins - Tesco Gluten Free Christmas Range

16. Nairn’s Gluten Free Savoury Biscuit Selection – Gluten free – £3.75

I was actually sooo excited when I saw this in the new Tesco gluten free Christmas range! This feels like the type of product we’ve been missing at Christmas and I can’t wait to try it out.

There’s a selection of 6 wholegrain crackers, 6 cheese crackers, 6 cracked black pepper crackers…

… 6 oatcakes and 5 cheese oatcakes. I’m so used to having the same gf crackers over and over again, so having a little choice without buying 6 different packs of crackers sounds good to me.

This was £3.75 btw, what do you think? For me, this is gonna be a one-off Christmas day kinda thing so I can deal with that!

Nairn's Gluten Free savoury biscuit selection - Tesco Gluten Free Christmas Range

17. Tesco Free From Panettone – Gluten free, wheat free

This is a hero from previous years, but back in shiny new Tesco free from branding! Here’s what the new one looks like 👇🏻

We’ve had to go for years with a panettone in the past, so I’m glad to see this return every year in Tesco’s gluten free Christmas range.

Who here has tried it before? Does anyone still want an enormous panettone?! I wouldn’t mind!

18. Tesco Free From 4 Deep Filled Mince Pies – Gluten free, wheat free, milk free

And what would Christmas be without a good gluten free and dairy free mince pie?

(well, I can tell you if you want, because I went years without being able to eat one – Mark too!)

But now we can share these together! I won’t get into the whole ‘which supermarket does the best gf mince pie’ thing this year 😂

However, you can feel free to let me know your thoughts!

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19. Tesco Turkey and Stuffing Bites – ‘Accidentally’ gluten free

Oh and I thought I’d throw in a couple of finds that I discovered outside of the free from section of the Christmas aisle. These were actually along the Christmas aisle still though, but with all the muggle crisps.

(these have no gluten-containing ingredients and no ‘may contain gluten/wheat etc’ warning which Coeliac UK are safe to eat – I call them ‘accidentally’ gluten free)

But I thought this was pretty exciting, because since when can we eat anything with the word ‘stuffing’ in it?!

This is exactly the type of thing I’d love to have a big bowl of when Christmas rolls around! I also love how it says ‘festive flavour’ just in case you weren’t sure 😂

20. Tesco Sausage Roll Flavour Puffs – ‘Accidentally’ gluten free

And here’s one more packet than I found next to the turkey and stuffing bites – sausage roll flavour puffs!

(these are the same deal as the crisps above – no gluten-containing ingredients and no ‘may contain gluten/wheat etc’)

I thought this was a bit of a novelty since we can never eat sausage rolls (feel free to use my gf recipe though) and these are accidentally gluten free too.

They’re a bit like Wotsits (which DO have a may contain for wheat) but they taste like meat and we can actually eat them. Hooray!

21. Tesco Finest Free From Truffle Selection – Gluten free, wheat free, milk free, egg free – £5

The dairy free chocolate options at Tesco just seem to get better and better!

I’m pretty sure we started off with these types of truffles which were a lovely caramel flavour – but now in this box, you’ve got salted caramel, dark chocolate truffle, coffee and white chocolate AND chocolate orange.

Mark was so happy when I brought this home… half of it seems to have disappeared already!

22. Tesco Free From Onion Rings – Gluten free, wheat free, milk free and vegan

Here I am updating this post with MORE new products in the Tesco gluten free Christmas range.

(it started off with just 16 products, now we’re up to 27 and I’ll keep adding them as more appear – so make sure you keep checking back!)

And you’ll be pleased to hear that brand new gluten free onion rings just landed! Did anyone also notice that the frozen onion rings have gone missing from Tesco?! Anyone spotted them recently?

BUT if you’re like me and an onion dodger, keep scrolling to see the maple bacon tortilla curls below which have no onion/garlic 👌🏻 This product is also vegan too!

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23. Tesco Free From Maple Bacon Tortilla Curls – Gluten free, wheat free, milk free and vegan

Yep, here’s some more amazing crisps which are *takes a deep breath*…

Gluten free, wheat free, milk free, egg free, vegan, garlic free AND onion free… but most important of all, they taste lovely!

They’re basically like a smoky bacon flavour with a subtle sweetness from the maple syrup flavour.

So hopefully everyone can enjoy a bag of these together this Christmas! Plus, they’re only £1 – the same price as all the other crisps, hooray!

24. Tesco Free From Turkey and Stuffing Tortilla Chips – Gluten free, wheat free, milk free and vegan

And yep, there’s even more festive flavours of crisps in the seasonal free from aisle section!

(does anyone else think Tesco is smashing the free from range this Christmas?!)

These are turkey and stuffing flavour BUT of course… they’re vegan too. How is that possible?!

Either way, there’s another bag for you guys to choose from! The Tesco gluten free Christmas range just keeps getting better and better every time I go in.

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25. Tesco Finest Pigs in Blankets Hand Cooked Crisps – ‘Accidentally’ gluten free

Oh and right next to the seasonal aisle in my Tesco, were just all the muggle crisps.

And I found these, which are ‘accidentally’ gluten free! Unlike the Tesco Free From crisps, they’re not free from everything, but if you’re solely gluten free, then these will be perfect.

Which crisps are you opting for this year?

I’m not used to having so much choice! Oh and speaking of choice, keep scrolling for more…

26. Tesco Finest Ham with Spiced Cola Glaze Hand Cooked Crisps – ‘Accidentally’ gluten free

And how good do these sound?!

Ham with a sweet, spiced Cola glaze – also ‘accidentally’ gluten free 👌🏻 They really have gone all-out on the creative festive flavours this year!

Make sure you check the seasonal aisle for these as they weren’t with all the regular crisps like you’d expect.

Let me know if you find them!

27. Tesco Finest Christmas Trimmings Vegetable Crisps – ‘Accidentally’ gluten free

I’m a big fan of vegetable crisps so these festive-themed Christmas trimming crisps are a welcome find.

They’re not like regular veggie crisps – they have a nice festive spice to them which you’ve gotta try and let me know what you think!

So I don’t think we’re gonna struggle when it comes to different choices of crisps this Christmas.

Don’t forget to check out my round-up of the Sainsbury’s Christmas gluten free range over here.

28. Tesco Cheese Balls – ‘Accidentally’ gluten free

I never would have guessed these were gluten free!

(especially since Wotsits always have a may containing warning for wheat)

And it gets even better… they’re only 88p for a pretty hefty sized bag. Wishing these were dairy free? Or vegan?

Keep scrolling and you might be in luck! 👇🏻

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29. Tesco Chocolate Orange Popcorn – ‘Accidentally’ gluten free


I found these down the seasonal aisle in Tesco too and they’re gluten free! No gluten containing ingredients and no ‘may contain gluten/wheat/etc.’ warning.

And better still, it’s chocolate orange flavour toffee popcorn and only £1.50. I’m definitely gonna be stocking up on these!

Not sure about what makes an ‘accidentally’ gluten free product? Feel free to ask!

30. Tesco Spiced Apple Flavour Tortilla Curls – ‘Accidentally’ gluten free

When I first saw these I was like ‘Mmm!’ then I thought about the flavour and was like ‘Hmm…’ if you know what I mean!

I think I’d rather have this flavour as dessert than on my crisps! But actually, I’ve been told that they’re really nice.

Tesco has some really awesome and innovative festive flavours when it comes to crisps this year.

And for once, we don’t have to miss out!

31. Tesco Free From Cheese Flavour Balls – Gluten free, wheat free, milk free and vegan

Meanwhile back in the Tesco festive free from aisle section, wild cheese flavour balls appeared!

You can actually get ‘accidentally’ gluten free cheese balls in the regular crisps section, BUT… they’re not dairy free, or vegan.

(because of cheese, obviously!)

But these ARE dairy free and vegan, because they’re just cheese ‘flavoured’. A big win for those of us who need more gf and dairy free/vegan products!

32. Tesco 10 Green Jalapeno Peppers with Soft Cheese – Gluten free

33. Tesco 12 Ham and Cheese Croquettes – Gluten free

34. Tesco Mini BBQ Ribs – Gluten free

35. Tesco 12 Chicken Tikka Masala Bites – Gluten free

36. Tesco BBQ Chicken Wings – Gluten free

37. Tesco Free From 9 Mini Christmas Cupcakes – Gluten free, wheat free

That’s the 37 NEW products in the Tesco Gluten Free Christmas Range 2019!

Thanks for joining me in checking out the Tesco Gluten Free Christmas Range 2019! What did you think? Is it too early for Christmas products?! Which one was your favourite? What did you think of the prices? What are we still missing?

Please do let me know by leaving a comment below or by following me on Instagram and leaving me a comment!

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Thanks for reading – you don’t know how much I appreciate it!

Becky xxx

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