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47 NEW products in the Marks and Spencer Gluten Free Christmas Range 2019

I feel like it’s almost acceptable to say ‘Christmas is just around the corner’ soon! So there’s no better time than now to start looking at the Marks and Spencer Gluten Free Christmas Range 2019!

Marks and Spencer isn’t a place that I can get to regularly, but whenever I go in, I’m always blown away by their free from options. And Christmas is no different! So without further ado, here’s the Marks and Spencer gluten free Christmas range for 2019…

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(I’ll be keeping this post updated with prices and new products as Christmas approaches as there’s usually many more new products still to come, so keep checking back!)

Here’s 47 NEW products in the Marks and Spencer Gluten Free Christmas Range 2019 👇🏻

Oh and FYI – not all of these are with the regular M&S free from products!

Some were in little Christmas displays throughout the chilled food, the crisps were with all the regular crisps and others were located in their new festive seasonal aisle.

Don’t forget to be aware of use-by dates, as lots of them expire before Christmas!

1. M&S Food 9 Salted Caramel Cupcakes – Gluten free

Let’s kick this off with some useful info!

Currently, Marks and Spencer have a 4 for 3 deal on their party food and guess what? These are considered party food!

These salted caramel cupcakes are £3.50 and most products in the deal are around the same price too.

But it’s nice that we’ll at least be paying the same as everyone else for once! Here’s another in the same deal…

2. M&S Food 12 Christmas Cake Bites – Gluten free, wheat free

Yep, these 12 Christmas cake bites are also in the deal too!

These are also £3.50, so probably worth buying in conjunction with the offer if you’re gonna buy both of these products.

There’s one more product I haven’t managed to find myself yet – brownie bites – that are in this party food deal as well.

So let me know if you find them in your local M&S! Not a bad start to the Marks and Spencer gluten free Christmas range, right?

12 Mini Christmas Bites - Marks and Spencer Christmas gluten free range

3. M&S Food 12 Mini Chicken Kievs – Gluten free

If you didn’t know these were gluten free, then surprise! They’re gluten free.

These have been around for the last few years and luckily for us, they’re back again in 2019.

Not a lot of M&S’ frozen party food is gluten free, so we’ll just have to take this lone product as a win!

I’m working on a gluten free party food post this year, so keep an eye on my Instagram stories or Facebook page for when it gets posted!

12 Mini Chicken Kievs - Marks and Spencer Christmas gluten free range

4. M&S Food Made Without Dairy Selection Box – Gluten free, dairy free

M&S is never overflowing with dairy free products, so I’m gonna get this one in early for those of you who care!

In the box are 3 raspberry discs, 3 crispy discs, 3 chocolate orange truffles and 3 caramel soft centres.

I believe these were around last year as my Mum bought them for Mark and he really liked them!

As someone who’s lactose intolerant, he is pretty sick of eating plain chocolate – so he loved the little twists on each of these.

Dairy free selection box - Marks and Spencer Christmas gluten free range

5. M&S Made Without Wheat Gluten free Christmas Cake – Gluten free

I haven’t really seen a whole lot of free from Christmas cakes this year if I’m honest…

But M&S is always top of the charts when it comes to stuff like this – I mean, this is a full-sized cake, not a mini one!

(in case you couldn’t tell by my hand size!)

This is one of the few things that actually has a date that lasts past Christmas, so don’t be afraid to stock up!

Christmas cake - Marks and Spencer Christmas gluten free range

6. M&S Food Made Without Wheat Gluten Free Iced Fruit Cake Bar – Gluten free

I’m pretty sure every supermarket has a free from iced fruit cake bar and M&S is no different.

(make sure you check out my Tesco, Asda and Sainsburys gluten free Christmas range posts at the bottom of this post!)

I’m not sure if you can really see, but this has some nice festive imprints on top of the icing – so that might set it apart from other options out there!

Has anyone tried this yet?

Iced fruit cake bar - Marks and Spencer Christmas gluten free range

7. M&S Food Made Without Wheat 4 Mince Pies – Gluten free

They’re back!

Yep, M&S’ gluten free mince pies are back and unlike most places, these are NOT dairy free.

So if you like buttery pastry and don’t need to eat dairy free, then these are probably the mince pies for you!

These have always been one of my faves so defo give them a try.

4 gluten free mince pies - Marks and Spencer Christmas gluten free range

8. M&S Food Made Without Wheat and Dairy Mini Christmas Pudding – Gluten free, dairy free

And yep, like most supermarkets, we’ve got the usual mini gluten free Christmas pudding.

(not surprisingly followed by the larger Christmas pudding in a sec)

This is perfect for if you’re the only gf person in your house!

Also, this is one of the few products in M&S that actual states dairy free on it, so make the most of it if you need to!

Mini Christmas pudding

9. M&S Food Made Without Wheat and Dairy Large Christmas Pudding – Gluten free, dairy free

Aaaand here’s the larger free from Christmas pud in the Marks and Spencer gluten free Christmas range.

Yep, it’s even dairy free too and 6 months matured.

(I assume that’s a good thing?!)

You don’t want my opinion on how it tastes however as I’m not even a Christmas pudding fan to begin with!

Larger gluten free Christmas pudding

10. M&S Food Made Without Wheat Brie and Grape/Turkey Feast Sandwiches – Gluten free

These are a returning fave from last year, but in new M&S free ‘made without’ branding.

(I’ve come to realise that it’s purple, on other products it looked sort of maroon/brown!!)

There’s the veggie option of brie and grape and then, the classic turkey feast option too.

Is brie and grape an option that people like eating?! I don’t have a clue! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below…

Brie and Grape and Turkey Feast Sandwiches

11. M&S Food Pigs in Blankets and Crackling Crisps – Gluten free

And whilst we’re in the sandwich/on-the-go aisle of M&S, here’s a couple of options you may not know are gf!

Here we’ve got pigs in blankets with a cranberry and orange dip (yum!)

And also then, you can choose the crackling crisps with an apple sauce dip.

Now that sounds good and because they’re not ‘free from’ products, we pay the same price as everyone else! £2 each FYI.

M&S Pigs in Blankets with Cranberry dip and Cracking Crisps with apple sauce dip

12. M&S Food 12 Mini Santa Hats – Gluten free

Could this be the best ‘accidentally’ gluten free dessert of 2019?!

I mean, I know it’s only meringue, cream and jelly, but these just look so cute!

(feel free to put forward your thoughts for best ‘accidentally’ gluten free dessert this year)

These are £4 btw!

13. M&S Food Collection Torched Winter Berry Pavlova – Gluten free

Ok, well this is actually a pretty awesome ‘accidentally’ gluten free dessert too when I think about it!

(also, I’ve just noticed you can see me in the reflection of the fridge- hello!)

But the only bad news is that this is a whopping £8. I know!

If you actually head over to my 30 ‘accidentally’ gluten free Christmas desserts post, you can basically find the same thing for about £5-£6. Thank me later!

14. M&S Food Select Farms British Boneless Stuffed Oakham Turkey Breast Joint – Gluten free

And whilst we’re in the M&S freezers here’s some other options! I dunno if these might be a bit boring, but when you think about it… this is stuffed with gluten free stuffing!

So if you just want an easy option on Christmas day, this is probably a really awesome option.

That way, you can just whack this in the oven for an hour and 25 minutes on Christmas day, instead of turning the kitchen upside-down!

But if you don’t fancy the pork, sage and onion stuffing then take a look at this…

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15. M&S Food Select Farms British Boneless Oakham Turkey Breast Joint – Gluten free

And then, here’s the non-stuffing version!

This is great if you can’t eat onion or garlic because it is literally just turkey with some herbs, stock, cornflour and brown sugar.

(also this is dairy free, which is amazing – it’s basted with stock, not butter!)

So hopefully there’s options for everyone when it comes to slightly more prepared turkey this Christmas!

16. M&S 12 Pigs in Blankets – Gluten free

What would the Marks and Spencer gluten free Christmas range be without pigs in blankets?!

And yep, these are gluten free of course, which you might think ‘well obviously’.

But for example, the cheaper pigs in blankets in Tesco are NOT gluten free – only their Finest ones are.

So actually, it’s a bit of a winner that these are gf too! These are in the freezer section btw.

17. M&S Food British Pork, Sage and Onion Stuffing – Gluten free

And because it’s actually pretty hard to find stuffing that’s gf, here’s a great frozen option.

This is probably the stuffing they use in the stuffed turkey joint I posted above, so it’s nice you buy a little extra if you fancy it.

I can’t really eat this because I’m intolerant to onion/garlic sadly, but I usually make my own using this recipe if you’re in the same boat as I am.

Remember to look for these in the freezers, not the chiller!

18. M&S Swiss Chocolate Truffle Assortment – Gluten free

Did you know that Lindt Lindor truffles contain barley malt extract?

Fortunately for us, M&S’ own version, Swiss chocolate truffles, are entirely gluten free – no barley at all.

So make sure you’ve got a box of these around at Christmas isntead of the Lindt ones!

Oh and if you loved that news, I’ve got even more good news for you…

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19. M&S Swiss Chocolate Advent Calendar with Assorted Truffles – Gluten free

Ta-da! Yep, the Marks and Spencer Christmas gluten free range just keeps getting better and better.

Yep, it’s an ENTIRE advent calendar of the M&S Lindt-style truffles – milk and dark choc with different fillings too!

I’m probably a bit too old to be getting excited about an advent calendar, but I defo need this by December 1st.

Oh and for those who truly are young at heart, you might like this next one…

20. M&S Food Percy Pig Advent Calendar – Gluten free

Yes, it’s a full-on Percy Pig advent calendar!

And these things aren’t small advent calendars either. They’re pretty big!

BUT, these are actually milk chocolate pig shapes, not actual Percy Pigs… until Christmas day of course.

I’d personally prefer it if it was an actual Percy Pig a day, but hey-ho.

21. M&S Salt and Black Pepper Combo Mix – Gluten free

I don’t know why, but I just assumed that these crisps weren’t gluten free.

(maybe they aren’t in other supermarkets, I don’t know!)

But either way, these are gf and I’ve never been happier! I remember having these in a big bowl on most Christmas days in the past.

I just steal all the wheel-shaped ones!

22. M&S Ready Salted Combo Mix – Gluten free

And hooray!

The ready salted ones are also gluten free – in fact there’s a few other flavours too. Just make sure you check the ingredients on those first!

(I can only eat these two because of pesky onion and garlic though)

And in the next product, M&S actually have a version of something we can’t normally eat! 👇🏻

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23. M&S Cheese Tasters – Gluten free

Wotsits! Actual Wotsits have a ‘may contain wheat/gluten’ warning on them, but guess what?

These don’t!

I did notice that these had a warning saying that the colour may stain clothing 😂 So get your bib on first!

Whilst we’re in the crisps aisle in M&S, I think I’ll keep the crisps theme going with some festive flavours…

24. M&S Food Collection Hand Cooked Crisps Black Truffle and Olive Oil – Gluten free

Well, actually now I think about it, this isn’t that festive! But it is with all the festive crisps in M&S.

Either way, I used to love little bowls of crisps dotted all over the house on Christmas day and these definitely deserve their own bowl.

I’m a little blown away by the flavour choices of crisps these days, but does anyone else think that loads of them taste exactly the same?!!

That might just be me, but I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments at the end of this post 😆

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25. M&S Food Collection Hand Cooked Crisps Parmesan and Prosciutto – Gluten free

I can’t believe we’re 25 products in and I’m still typing.

After all, what can I possibly say about bags of crisps, right?!

Well, nope, I can type for England. Is that something that I could actually compete in at the Olympics?

Can you imagine it broadcast on TV? I somehow can. And those last few sentences are a great example of how I’m still typing. Bring on the next product!

26. Marks and Spencer The Collection Beef Wellington Hand Cooked Crisps – Gluten free

Ok, the intermission of gibberish is over and we’re back to the crisps.

I thought this was quite cool because obviously, your average beef wellington isn’t gf because of the copious amounts of pastry involved.

But these are, which makes them slightly more exciting!

After all, it does promise us the flavours of ‘golden puff pastry’ which I’m not sure is possible, but there you go!

27. M&S Hot Chocolate Fudge Pudding – Gluten free

Now, these next few products are dedicated to chilled desserts (not in the freezers) that you could have on Christmas day.

Some of these products are available all year round, but I just wanted to remind you guys they exist so you don’t end up eating fruit salad.

This hot chocolate fudge pudding for example, is a great option that anyone (whether they’re gf or not) would enjoy.

After all, a lot of ‘accidentally’ gluten free desserts, like a ton of them I posted here, are all meringue and cream based. So these next few are nice alternatives to those!

28. M&S Food Made Without Wheat Gluten Free New York Cheesecake – Gluten free

Boom! Yes, I am including this in the Marks and Spencer Christmas gluten free range!

I mean, if I’m not wrong, this is one of the few gluten free (and NOT dairy free) cheesecakes that exists in supermarkets? Am I right/wrong?

And if you look at all the gluten-containing Christmas desserts, TONS of them are just variations of cheesecakes.

So maybe pair this with a little raspberry coulis (you can buy it in a bottle), some frozen raspberries and you’ve actually got yourself an awesome Christmas dessert.

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29. M&S Food Made Without Wheat Gluten Free 2 Mixed Berry Crumbles – Gluten free

And here’s another great example! Pair it with some custard and you’ve got the perfect Christmas dessert for one.

I’m quite used to having to bring a gluten free option over to my Mum and Dad’s just in case, so these would be perfect.

If you want to make it a little more Christmassy, just put a pinch of cinnamon and a pinch of ground ginger into your custard and give it a good mix.

Easy peasy!

30. M&S Food Made Without Wheat Gluten Free 2 Syrup Sponge Puddings – Gluten free

Yep, here’s another gluten free dessert options I would HAPPILY have on Christmas day, or any day.

Just put it with some good vanilla ice cream and you’re done!

Honestly, I really feel like we’re covered when it comes to dessert at Christmas this year.

Just because it’s not in Christmas packaging, that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be a good buy!

31. M&S Food Made Without Wheat Gluten Free Shortcrust Apple Pie – Gluten free

Like this!

I actually can’t believe that this exists to be honest – I’ve had this many, many times and it’s amazing. How is this gluten free?!

The pastry is amazing! Just pair it with some custard/ice cream (you can always spice your custard with warming festive spice as I described just a moment ago) and enjoy.

And unbelievably… the gluten free Christmas dessert options don’t end here!

32. M&S Gastropub Raspberry and Vanilla Panna Cotta – Gluten free

Panna cotta is usually a good gluten free option because there’s no need for gluten in the first place!

There’s a couple different ones in M&S as you’ll see in a sec and again, these are great for taking to someone else’s house if you need to.

M&S have really nailed it this year for us I feel!

Ok, I’m gonna leave you to enjoy the last few products in silence now as this post is coming up to 3000 words. And that’s a little insane.

33. M&S Dessert Menu Mango and Passion Fruit Panna Cotta – Gluten free

34. M&S Toffee and Pecan Meringue Roulade – Gluten free

35. M&S Lemon Meringue Roulade – Gluten free

36. M&S 4 Raspberry and Mascarpone Meringue Roulades – Gluten free

37. M&S Blackcurrant Roulade – Gluten free

38. M&S Food Milk Chocolate Salted Caramel Tree – Gluten free

39. M&S Food Milk Chocolate Bubbly Santa – Gluten free

40. M&S Food Collection 18 BBQ Pork Belly Squares – Gluten free

41. M&S Food Collection 12 Sticky Asian Style Chicken Lollipops

42. M&S Food Collection 10 Sticky Chicken Yakitori Kebabs – Gluten free

43. M&S Food 12 Mini British Chicken and Garlic Kievs – Gluten free

44. M&S Food 12 Mini Toad in the Hole – Gluten free

45. M&S Food 16 Bacon and Cheese Rolls – Gluten free

46. M&S Food 16 Pigs in Blankets – Gluten free

47. M&S Food 12 Brownie Bites – Gluten free

That’s the 47 NEW products in the Marks and Spencer Gluten Free Christmas Range 2019!

Thanks for joining me in checking out the Marks and Spencer Gluten Free Christmas Range 2019! What did you think? Is it too early for Christmas products?! Which one was your favourite? What did you think of the prices? What are we still missing?

Please do let me know by leaving a comment below or by following me on Instagram and leaving me a comment!

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Thanks for reading – you don’t know how much I appreciate it!

Becky xxx

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