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20+ SUPER CHEAP gluten-free products in Asda at muggle prices

Gluten-free products in Asda at muggle prices – AWESOME NEWS! Asda is joining Morrison’s in slashing the prices of their free from range. You can easily bag a whopping 50-80% off tons of gluten-free staples. Yep gluten-free flour for 33p and a loaf of bread for 89p!!

Gluten-free products in Asda at muggle prices?! It looks like Christmas has come a little early for us gluten-free folks! I mean, I actually asked Santa for a body that could tolerate gluten, but I’ll take gluten-free bread rolls for under a quid, thank you very much. Here’s almost all of the products in the offer…

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Gluten-free products in Asda at muggle prices: Why are they so cheap?

Good question! Here’s what Asda had to say on their Instagram:

We’re excited to announce that we have invested £6.17m into Asda’s #freefrom range.

We believe our customers shouldn’t have to pay more for the food they love if they have an intolerance and have slashed the price of 62 Free From staples including pasta, flour, milk alternatives, cereals and breads among others.

With a 78% decrease in the price of Free From Flour (was £1.50, now 33p), a 67% price cut on family favourite Free From Frosted Flakes (was £1.80 now 59p) and 53% price reduction on Free From Bread (was £1.93 now 89p), Asda is leading the way in ensuring Free From shoppers can get everything they need at an affordable price.

Price has ALWAYS been a massive sticking point for free from products, with gluten-free bread costing quadruple the price of muggle bread.

Gluten-free products in Asda at muggle prices: How long will this offer last for?

Asda haven’t divulged this yet, but if Morrison’s massive price cut is anything to go on, it will probably be for the medium-term at the very least.

Morrison’s have actually kept their slashed prices for several months now. I’d take more advantage of that, but my nearest Morrisons is almost 20 miles away!

One thing is for certain – if we keep buying these products at these prices, they’ll probably stay slashed for longer.

And also, more supermarkets will be forced to follow suit!

Here’s the 30 SUPER CHEAP gluten-free products in Asda at muggle prices…

1. Asda Free From Gluten-free Plain/Self-raising Flour (was £1.50, now 33p)

With a whopping 78% off that’s almost an identical price per kilo as muggle flour. How crazy is that?

That means that making all your cakes, bakes etc. won’t cost anymore than anybody else! All I can say is this: IT’S ABOUT TIME!

20+ SUPER CHEAP gluten-free products in Asda at muggle prices 20+ SUPER CHEAP gluten-free products in Asda at muggle prices

2. Asda Free From pasta range (was £1, now 53p or 2 for £1)

Not only is Asda’s pasta almost 50% off, it’s also 2 for £1 – a saving of 6p.

Now, 6p might not sound like a lot, but multiply that by 6 and you’ve got yourself a bag of gluten-free flour and 3p change 😂 That’s how cheap the flour is!

20+ SUPER CHEAP gluten-free products in Asda at muggle prices

20+ SUPER CHEAP gluten-free products in Asda at muggle prices


3. Asda Free From Meat/Chicken Gravy 170g (was £1.20 now 60p)

I’ve now just worked out why the price cuts are so specific (ie. 78% off flour, not 80%).

It’s because they’re reducing the products to be the same price per 100g as muggle products.

So at 60p, the free from meat gravy is 35p/100g. The exact same price as muggle gravy per 100g! Anyone else a little bit overwhelmed by all of this?

4. Asda Free From Special Flakes (was £1.80, now 62p)

And yep, at 62p, these are now also 20p per 100g, the exact same as Asda’s muggle special flakes.

So finally, there’s a place out there where we can enjoy food at the same price as everyone else – bye free from tax!

5. Asda Free From Choco Snaps (was £1.80, now 87p)

Yes, I’m still getting excited about the price per 100g.

At 87p, these are far cheaper than even branded muggle cereal!

6. Asda Free From White Rolls (was £1.50, now 96p)

Four gluten-free white bread rolls for 96p? Shut the front door.

At 96p, that makes them 24p per roll, which is the same price as Asda’s four pack of muggle, super soft white rolls.

It’s not as cheap as some muggle options which are only 11p per roll, but I’m definitely not complaining here!

20+ SUPER CHEAP gluten-free products in Asda at muggle prices

7. Asda Free From Seeded Brown Rolls (was £1.50, now 96p)

The same goes for the free from seeded brown rolls too! What a result.

8. Asda Free From Grated Cheese (was £2, now £1.40)

At £1.40, this puts Asda’s dairy-free cheese at an identical price per 100g as their bags of grated cheddar (70p).

That’s grate (sorry).

9. Asda Free From Freida the Caterpillar Cake (was £6.25, now £5.92)

I never thought I’d see the day that Freida the gluten-free caterpillar cake was EXACTLY THE SAME PRICE as Clyde the gluten-containing caterpillar cake.

Yep, they’re both just £5.92 – now that’s worth celebrating!

10. Asda Free From White Lasagne Sauce (was £1.50, now £0.65)

Spoiler alert: the Asda muggle white lasagne sauce is actually already ‘accidentally’ gluten-free.

However, it’s not dairy-free. So if you need gluten-free AND dairy-free sauce, the free from version is now exactly the same price as the muggle version!

11. Asda Free From Tomato & Herb Pasta Bake Sauce (was £1.30, now £0.75)

The same as above applies to this tomato and herb pasta bake sauce too.

Though ‘accidentally’ gluten-free, some of their tomato sauces contain milk. However, this one is dairy-free too.

12. Asda Free From Bolognese Sauce (was £1.50, now £0.59)

Asda’s free from bolognese sauce now shares a lot in common with its muggle equivalent.

They’re the same price and they’re both gluten and dairy-free. So pick whichever one you want!

13. Asda Free From Korma Sauce (was £1.50, now £0.65)

Asda’s free from Korma sauce is now exactly the same price at the muggle option, which just so happens to be ‘accidentally’ gluten-free.

However, the muggle version is packed with tons of milk, whereas the free from version is dairy-free too.

14. Asda Free From Chocolate Digestives Biscuits (was £1.30, now £1.00)

Sadly, these are one of the few products that cannot match the sheer stupidity that are the prices of muggle chocolate digestives. They get 300g for 42p (14p per 100g).

We’re getting 50p per 100g, but to be honest, that’s still pretty decent!

15. Asda Free From Digestive Biscuits (was £1.30, now £1.00)

The same applies here unfortunately – muggle digestives are a mind-blowing 10p per 100g, and these are 62p per 100g.

So actually, buying the free from chocolate digestives works out cheaper than the plain ones. As if I needed an excuse to eat more chocolate… 😂

16. Asda Free From Frosted Flakes (was £1.80, now £0.59)

But thankfully, we’re back to the muggle prices again! Yep, at 50% off, these are the same price per 100g as the Asda muggle frosted flakes.

Somebody pinch me!

17. Asda Free From Tikka Masala Sauce (was £1.50, now £0.65)

Again, the muggle tikka masala sauce is ‘accidentally’ gluten-free, but it contains dairy.

The free from tikka masala sauce is now an identical price, but it’s free from dairy too.

18. Asda Free From Corn Flakes (was £1.80, now £0.60)

We’ve got another win for the muggles here as their cornflakes come out at 12p per 100g, vs the free from cornflakes at 20p per 100g.

However, this is still half the price of Kellogg’s cornflakes which come in at 42p per 100g. So yes, I’ll take that, thank you very much!

19. Asda Free From Choco Squares (was £1.80, now £0.80)

Asda actually don’t sell their own-brand version of Krave (choco squares) anymore, so surely that’s a win for us, right?!

Compared to the gluten-containing Krave, our free from version is more than half the price!

20. Asda Free From Plain Crackers (was £1.99, now £0.60)

Of course, these can’t quite compete with muggle crackers which are an insanely low 13.3p per 100g. However, gluten-containing Jacob’s cream crackers are 39.67p per 100g!

And the free from plain crackers can easily beat those at their new price of 30p per 100g. So it might be time to stock up!

21. Asda Free From Carbonara Sauce (was £1.50, now £0.65)

Considering that Asda only have an ‘extra special’ version of their Carbonara sauce, this is an easy win for the free from aisle.

Not only do you get more sauce in the free from jar, but it’s more than half the price of the extra special version!

22. Asda Free From Red Berry Granola (was £2.69, now £1.23)

Here’s another winner which is now the exact same price per 100g as its muggle equivalent.

Give it’s price to start with, this is a real win!

23. Asda Free From Katsu Sauce (was £1.50, now £0.65)

There isn’t a direct muggle equivalent of Katsu sauce in Asda, but what I can tell you is this:

The free from Katsu sauce is now the cheapest Katsu sauce in Asda. I think that says it all!

24. Asda Free From Seeded Brown Bloomer Slices (was £1.93, now £0.89)

A gluten-free loaf of bread for 89p? I must be dreaming!!

Gluten-free products in Asda at muggle prices: There’s even still a few more to come!

I haven’t posted literally ALL of the products with slashed prices, so I’ll be adding more as I find them. So make sure you bookmark this page and come back to check for more every now and then.

Thanks for joining me in checking out the 20+ gluten-free products in Asda at muggle prices! What did you think? Is it too early for Christmas products?! Which one was your favourite? What did you think of the prices? What are we still missing?

Please do let me know by leaving a comment below or by following me Instagram!

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