My Affordable Homeware & Kitchenware Haul

These days, pretty much all of my spare money goes on homeware and kitchenware items. I am pretty addicted. Obviously a year ago I had a new house to fill (yes, we got the keys to this house a whole year ago.. time flies!), but now it’s more like… where the hell do I put everything?! Somehow I do find a place for everything, but the challenge is definitely very real!

One of the main reasons I think that I’m constantly buying new homeware is that you can find it literally everywhere these days. Gone are the days where you have to go to specific shops to find attractive bowls and plates. Today, you can go to the supermarket for some milk and leave with a marble worktop saver and copper cutlery. It’s dangerous for my bank balance, but I must admit it makes a supermarket trip much more of a thoroughly enjoyable experience!

To be honest though, I say it’s dangerous for my bank balance but really it isn’t. The home and kitchenware ranges in supermarkets is stupidly affordable and it helps me to restrain from buying ‘too much’ in those higher end home stores that I could literally spend all day in. Here’s what I bought lately…

Joseph Joseph Shake-it Self-tapping sieve


This sieve is genius. I am one of those bakers who reads ‘sieve your flour’ in a recipe and completely ignores it. I am also one of those bakers who probably over 50% of the time regrets it. Recently I have wasted so much time pouring lumpy flour into a mix and then having to try and get all the lumps out of it… it’s made me feel really stupid! A few weeks ago I decided enough was enough and I was going to finally purchase a sieve (I didn’t even have one!).

So I was in John Lewis avec a very old gift voucher, and I thought “what better way to spend part of my voucher than on a sieve?!” I was planning on just buying a very standard sieve but then I came across this one from Joseph-Joseph. I’ve always been a big Joseph-Joseph fan, we’ve got quite a lot of their stuff dotted around our kitchen. They are most certainly the brand that makes you realise you need something that you never thought you needed, and this sieve is no exception. Basically you just shake it from side to side and the flour comes out perfectly sieved, it is as the name indicates, a self-tapping sieve! I’m finding it really useful as it means I can very easily sieve with one hand whilst filming with the other, or whilst I’m mixing and pouring more flour into the sieve. Now that I have it, I can safely say I will never not sieve my flour ever again!

Sainsbury’s Harvest Side Plate


As soon as I saw this plate I had already decided it was mine. I can’t believe I found it in Sainsbury’s! I mean, maybe it isn’t the plate for me, the design looks to be lots of sheaves of wheat which are definitely not gluten free friendly. However, I prefer images of wheat printed on my plate rather than a wheat filled sandwich actually on my plate. It’s the perfect design for the coming sunshine and I intend to serve my BBQ food from this beauty!

Sainsbury’s Harvest Silhouette Tea Towel

As you will have just seen I love the sheaves of wheat (or as Sainsbury’s call it ‘harvest’) design at the moment. So rather than just buying a solitary plate I also grabbed this rather lovely tea towel. I am a massive tea towel purchaser… not because I love washing up (I actually hate it and thanked God the day we finally got our own dishwasher), but because tea towels can be great for texture in some of my food photography! You can see it in the picture below.

Sainsbury’s Round Marble and Mango Chopping Board

This is by far my favourite homeware purchase recently. I’ve wanted a chopping board with a degree of white marble on it for ages! I love the mix of wood and marble it goes so well together. Visually it works beautifully in photographs as it is light and helps to brighten an image. Equally it is just a great display for food when friends and family come round. I’ve used it recently as a cheese board and have had quite a few compliments. Again, something I would never expect to find in Sainsbury’s – their designers seem to get much inspiration from some of my favourite homeware stores!

Sainsbury’s Grey Metal Storage Drawers


Myself and Mark both love having lots of little knick-knacks around our desks in our study but when it comes to dusting every now and then… it’s an absolute nightmare. So that’s why Mark fell in love with these metal storage drawers when we saw them in the supermarket the other day. They were in the trolley before I even knew it! They’re quite literally like a mini filing cabinet for your bits and bobs and they’ve even got handles on either side so you can move it around easily. It’s the perfect size to sit on your desk!

Sainsbury’s White Marble Worktop Saver


Having an oak-block kitchen worktop, we’re a big fan of worktop savers. We’ve got one by the hob and it’s perfect when you need to put down a hot saucepan, hot plates or even just mugs that will inevitably leave horrible water rings everywhere. But this white marble worktop saver is more than just a worktop saver… it’s a thing of beauty! That’s why I thought it’d come in handy for photography as a simple yet elegant backdrop for who knows what. And hey, if you’re not into photography… it’ll always be a beautiful worktop saver too.

Sainsbury’s Home Ethereal Large Storage Drawers


These drawers immediately reminded me of something very similar which I’d seen in my favourite homeware shop and instantly fallen in love with. However, the price of them meant that said romance just wasn’t to be! That’s why I was so over the moon to find that these wooden storage drawers were such insanely good value. I love simplicity and cool, clean lines in my home and these storage drawers perfectly fit the bill without breaking the bank. I use them on my dressing table and fill them with all my make-up and make-up brushes. Perfect!

So that’s all for my first ever homeware haul on the blog. Did you enjoy it? If so, please let me know by leaving a comment below and I’ll gladly do more ๐Ÿ™‚ I can’t emphasise how unreal it is that most of this came from a supermarket, which of course means, it’s really great value too. Whilst I absolutely adore mooching around expensive homeware stores and drooling at all the lovely furniture, homeware and kitchenware… the price tags just aren’t realistic for me right now. A girl can dream! Anyway, please feel free to message me on Facebook or Twitter if you’ve spotted any awesome homeware or kitchenware in your local supermarket!

Thanks for reading,

Becky xxx