Baking my Gluten Free Banana Bread with Kenwood

So earlier this year I travelled down to London to hang out with Kenwood for the day. It was super fun baking in front of the lights & cameras in the studio – it’s always a great experience. What was also amazing about the day is that I got to bake my own recipe – one of my favourites – gluten free banana bread! (It’s also dairy free & refined sugar free) Click here for the recipe if you haven’t seen it before!

I was asked to create my gluten free banana bread recipe in the studio kitchen with Kenwood as part of their Disaster Chef competition. Disaster Chef is a competition that anyone could of entered (though competition entries are now closed for the year). Basically, those who got selected to be a part of Disaster Chef 2016 re-create a given recipe each week for five weeks – the recipes were created by me, a couple of other bloggers and Raymond Blanc. 

After the five week tutorial period, which is in full swing now, the top three Disaster Chef contenders who have improved the most will be taken through to the live final, where one winner will be chosen based on their performance throughout the competition and at the event. So yeah, currently contestants are a couple of weeks in and one of the recipes they have to re-create is my very own gluten free banana bread!

I absolutely love this banana bread recipe, I think it was the first one I ever put on my blog & I’ve been making it regularly ever since! It’s dead simple and tastes amazing. It’s rare for me to eat cakes as they often contain too much sugar for my body to cope with, however this gluten free banana bread has always seemed to like my stomach & my stomach likes it back!

For the full written recipe you can check out my blog post here.

Have any of you tried out my gluten free banana bread recipe before? Do you have your own gluten free banana bread recipe you’d like to share, do you add anything else to your recipe? I know some people like chocolate chips in theirs! I also just want as many of you guys to share your banana based recipes with me! I love bananas and I am always looking for new ways to use them! Please leave a comment below, or on Facebook/Twitter. Oh & finally I just want to say thanks to Kenwood for the opportunity to be involved in the Disaster Chef competition. I would definitely recommend others entering next year, I’d love to see some more free from folk taking part!

Thanks for reading & watching!

Becky xxx