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May Favourites 2016

It’s that time again… a month has ended & June has begun, which means it’s May Favourites time! The past month has been a really amazing month for me. I’ve really enjoyed everything about it. I’m definitely not sad that it’s over though because… I’m just really excited for June & the rest of 2016!

Stationary (oh & I got a new job!)

There is nothing quite like fresh, brand new stationary! I love notebooks & starting my new job recently seemed like the perfect excuse to buy a few. So yeah, before I forget, that’s another favourite of this month… I started a new job & I am really loving it. It’s so nice to settle into a new job so quickly! Anyway, back to stationary! The day before I started my new job I was in London and happened to be passing a Paperchase, I ventured inside and found so many lovely notepads. I literally could not resist grabbing a few & I really want to go back to Paperchase to buy some more bits… (folders, dividers). I’d love to know your favourite places to buy stationary!


So with my stomach discomforts (Love IBS me.. not!), I have resorted to trying literally anything to help it. Something that I really don’t like but have now given in to trying is tea! Not regular english tea, but herbal teas. Peppermint tea specifically. I’ve been told by so many people that mint tea is good for you, so I have decided to give it a try. I can’t say I’m mad about the taste but I think it is helping! I tried a peppermint & nettle tea yesterday which was ok too. I will definitely keep you posted about my journey to liking tea! What do you find helps you with stomach discomfort? Let me know, I’m happy to try anything!

Picnic Basket

I had a lovely little filming event in Mid May with Tesco Free From. It was lots of fun & I got to eat lots of delicious gluten free products all day! (Seriously, the Tesco Free From range has some right gems hidden within it!) Anyway… I thought all the food I got to try was amazing enough, but then at the end of the day I got presented with an amazing picnic basket!
I have wanted a proper picnic basket for years and this one is seriously the best. It’s one of those picnic baskets with proper plates, cutlery & glasses inside. I am in LOVE! It’s also not too big, so it will never be too heavy or awkward. Massive thanks to Tesco Free From for the gift, I cannot wait for a nice picnic date out with Mark!


Of course this is the month of Game of Thrones still! I love Game of Thrones & I look forward to Monday at 9pm every single week. However, 1 hour a week in not enough to satisfy me. Mark & I decided we needed to find another programme to keep us going throughout the week so we hopped onto Netflix & had a look at some other series. The one series that we have really been loving this month is Narcos. Narcos is set in Columbia & follows the story of a Pablo Escobar, a billionaire cocaine producer & distributer from the 1970s & 1980s. It’s seriously a good & I’d definitely recommend it.

Gratify Gluten Free

Oh my, the snack of the month has got to be the Gratify range of gluten free snacks. I have literally fallen in love with these. I found them a few weeks ago in Tesco & have been buying the Sea Salt & Sesame ones ever since. They have a great taste & a texture to match. I’m not one to just rave about very simple snacks really but these tick all of my boxes! I’ve been taking a pot of them to work for snacks, & when I am at home I end up grabbing a handful every single time I walk past the packet. I’ve seen that Gratify Gluten Free do a lot more snacks in America, so fingers crossed we will see more in the UK soon too!


So this month we are pet sitting Mark’s nephews hamsters! They have gone on holiday for a couple of weeks to America & I offered to look after them whilst they were away! I used to have hamsters when I was younger. My first one was called Fidget & my second one called Pip, they were my first pets & I really loved them… it’s a shame hamsters don’t live ‘that’ long! Anyway, it’s been really fun looking after them the past few days, these hamsters are much smaller than mine were & can live in pairs. They are literally the cutest things & I think we are taking good care of them! Once we’ve settled down in our new house, I really want to get a dog… maybe this is good practice?! I don’t think so… but they are a lot of fun to look after nevertheless!


That’s it for this month’s favourites! Let me know what your May favourites have been, whether they be a food, drink, TV show, film, book, event, organisation, person, clothing… anything at all! Just drop me a comment below, or on Facebook/Twitter.

Thanks for reading & watching my May Favourites & look out for my June favourites at the end of June!

Becky xxx


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