My IBS Diary Week 12 – The Final Week! (Well not really!)

Welcome to My IBS Diary Week 12. The final week of my diary! But is it the final week of IBS for me?! Have I been cured?! I’ll be honest… the answer is no! BUT has my IBS improved over the last 12 weeks taking Symprove?

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I cannot actually believe I have come to the end of my 12 weeks Symprove Challenge. Basically, if you haven’t tuned into the last 11 episodes – over the last 12 weeks I have taken Symprove every single day when I wake up. I’ve been taking it in hope that it would do some good in body & help my horrible, horrible IBS. 

IBS has affected my life every single day for many years now & it really is a horrible little thing. I won’t go into the details in this post as to how it affects me.. just click here to see all the different foods I cannot eat & also a simple look into what Symprove is and WHY I started to try it out.



Quite simply Symprove is a water-based probiotic. Unlike all other non water-based probiotics it can survive your stomachs acids. You might be taking probiotics in tablet form and wonder why they aren’t doing much of a good job for you. Well, if they are destroyed before they reach the place they are trying to help then they are never going to help you out!!

For me Symprove week on week has helped my stomach bloating and right from the start helped me feel more hungry again. As a sufferer of IBS-C it also I believe has really helped in my quest to regularly go to the toilet. I’m incredibly pleased with the results as you will see if you watch the video above 🙂

ibs diary week 12

we all still have bad IBS days… there is so true cure. It’s about controlling it.

I must admit however, my IBS is far from gone. I still suffer fairly regularly, but I always knew deep down there wasn’t going to be a cure. I don’t think there ever will be; but what Symprove has done is help my IBS become more manageable. IBS is very different for everyone so Symprove might help some folks lots more than it helped me, whilst it might help some folks much less than it helped me. I guess you never know until you give it a try.

I’ve really enjoyed the experience of taking Symprove. I started taking it after Mark recommended it to me, having taken it for quite a long time. I was afraid it would taste bad and I wouldn’t be able to deal with it. I was wrong. It really is such a worthwhile thing to try out if you suffer from IBS. 12 weeks might seem like a lot but really it flew by! I’ve also become so attached to my Symprove, I might just continue to take it!

ibs diary week 12

Me & Symprove… friends for life.

Has anyone else tried out Symprove? If you did, what did you think? Has it helped you? If you have any other IBS advice then drop a comment below, or on Facebook/Twitter. I have really enjoyed chatting with you guys in more depth about IBS (even if it’s not the best topic in the world!),  & I want to continue to do so. We all need each other, remember IBS is ‘#NotJustIBS

Thanks for watching & reading!

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