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Gluten-free Cheese Toastie Recipe – BEST EVER! (dairy-free/vegan/low FODMAP option)

Gluten-free cheese toastie recipe – the ULTIMATE, cheesy, melty, comfort food that only takes 15 minutes to make from start to finish! You only need 5 ingredients AND it’s incredibly easy to make this dairy-free, vegan or low FODMAP too.

Gluten-free cheese toastie recipe, anyone? It’s so simple to make, but follow my recipe and it will be a cheese toastie you’ll never forget. Promise! Pick up a pack of Schar’s new gluten-free Super Sandwich bread in Asda and let’s get started…

Gluten-free Cheese Toastie Recipe - BEST EVER!

It’s sad because I only just realised how long it’s been since I had ANY kind of toastie outside of my own house. I think it’s been four times in total across a decade, with my last toastie being at least 5 years ago.

Why? Well, firstly, the bread has to be gluten-free, which is almost as rare as spotting a unicorn when eating out. Then, the toastie press has to be free of cross-contamination – the equivalent of spotting a leprechaun riding a unicorn.

Yet for muggles, you can literally walk into any coffee shop in existence and order a toastie whenever you like. In all manner of different, exciting varieties!

So to break the 5 year toastie curse, I decided to make my own at home… which, for some reason, I don’t do enough! But now it’s getting a little chillier, I NEED epic comfort food like this.

My gluten-free cheese toastie recipe is basically an amalgamation of ALL the epic toasties I see, but can never eat. Here’s all the ingredients you’ll need to make this…

Gluten-free cheese toastie recipe: Ingredients

  • Schar Super Sandwich gluten-free bread
  • Emmental cheese slices
  • Red leicester cheese (grated)
  • Handful of chives
  • Butter

Gluten-free Cheese Toastie Recipe - BEST EVER!

So what does the ULTIMATE gluten-free cheese toastie taste like? Well for starters, it DEFINITELY doesn’t taste gluten-free at all.

The bread becomes lovely and golden, cheesy, crisp and toasty thanks to a little butter and grated red leicester cheese.

Then, the filling of super stringy, melty emmental mixed with fresh chives is everything a cheese toastie should be. It’s packed with tons of flavour and a subtle onion-taste that you absolutely cannot beat.

Best of all, this recipe is so easy to mix up with all the different fillings you like. Use it however you wish!

But of course, the most important ingredient for my gluten-free cheese toastie recipe is…

Schar’s new gluten-free SUPER sandwich bread! What’s so super about it?

For starters, each slice is the same size as ‘muggle bread’. Yep, no more postage stamp-sized gluten-free bread!

But best of all, it tastes awesome and is a great example of just how far gluten-free bread has come.

It toasts really well FYI, which is not something you can say for all gluten-free bread! You can find it down the free from aisle in Asda and I would highly recommend it for this recipe.

Gluten-free Cheese Toastie Recipe - BEST EVER!

So I thought I’d kick things off with a little frequently asked questions section – if you just want the recipe, then keep scrolling.

But I’ve thrown in some tips here that will be really helpful if this is your first time making this, or you want to adapt it. So here they are!

Gluten-free cheese toastie recipe: Frequently asked questions

Can I make this recipe gluten-free?

It is gluten-free, though nobody would know just by tasting it – trust me!

Bear in mind that minimising cross-contamination is hugely important if you’re Coeliac or making this for someone who is. Here’s some tips from Coeliac UK on minimising the risk of cross contamination.

Also, make sure that all ingredients used don’t have any gluten-containing ingredients. Then make that that they also don’t have a ‘may contain’ warning for gluten, wheat, rye, barley, oats (which aren’t gf), spelt and khorasan wheat (aka Kamut).

Here’s some more info from Coeliac UK on identifying safe gluten-free products. Double check your sprinkles to make sure they’re gf too.

Can I make your gluten-free cheese toastie recipe dairy free?

Yes – simply use a good dairy-free cheese that melts well and dairy-free margarine instead of butter. That’s it!

Can I make your gluten-free cheese toastie recipe vegan?

The same as above goes for making this vegan – simply use a good dairy-free cheese that melts well and dairy-free margarine instead of butter.

Is your gluten-free cheese toastie recipe nut free?

Yep, this is a nut-free recipe as far as ingredients go, BUT make sure you check the ingredients label on ALL the products you use just to be safe.

Even if the products don’t contain nuts, they may have a ‘may contain nuts’ warning due to being produced in a factory that handles nuts.

You can never be too careful so always read the labels on everything first.

Is your gluten-free cheese toastie recipe low FODMAP?

To make this recipe low FODMAP, ensure that your bread is low FODMAP first of all! A lot of Schar bread is fortunately certified as low FODMAP by Monash University.

Then, ensure that you don’t consume more than 40g of hard cheese – that’s the safe serving size of cheese during the elimination phase.

Then you’re good to go!

Where can I find Schar’s Super Sandwich bread?

Currently, it’s exclusive to Asda, so you’ll only find it in Asda’s free from aisles here in the UK.

It went on sale just the other day, so make sure you keep checking back for it!

Can I make this in a toastie maker or sandwich press?

Of course! Schar’s Super Sandwich loaf is the perfect size for a toastie maker and a sandwich press is ideal.

But as some of you might not have one, I opted to simply toast my sandwiches on the hob. However you toast them, it always yields perfect results – the choice is yours!

Can I mix up the filling of your gluten-free cheese toastie recipe?

Definitely – this recipe is incredibly versatile. Think of all the toasties in coffee shops that we can never eat… then go home and recreate them!

I’d recommend:

  • Simply adding a few slices of ham to this recipe. You absolutely can’t beat cheese and ham.
  • Brie and bacon with a little chilli jam (ensure your bacon is cooked first!)
  • Add a little tuna to this for the ultimate tuna cheese toastie.
  • Add a handful of cooked button mushrooms for the ultimate veggie toastie.

Do I need to toast my gluten-free bread first?

Nope, but you’re more than welcome to if you fancy. It can make it a little crispier overall, but it’s definitely not necessary.

Can I try your gluten-free cheese toastie recipe using a gluten-free panini or bread roll?

A panini is a little too thick for the frying pan method used here in my recipe – the same goes for a gluten-free bread roll.

However, if you have a sandwich press, feel free to go ahead using that instead.

Can I freeze my gluten-free cheese toastie?

Yes, you certainly can! Once fully cooled, cut in half, place into an airtight container and freeze for up to 2-3 months.

When you wish to enjoy one, simply defrost in the fridge for 24 hours. Once defrosted, pop into the oven for 10-15 minutes until lovely, crisp and golden again.

The microwave does a decent job at reheating, but you’ll lose all the crispy, toastyness!

Gluten-free cheese toastie recipe: Method

Ok, so here’s a printable version of my gluten-free cheese toastie recipe. Please remember to give it 5 stars if you tried it and enjoyed it as it helps people know it’s worth trying too! ⭐️ Feel free to leave your written reviews in the comments below this post.

Gluten-free Cheese Toastie Recipe - BEST EVER! (dairy-free/vegan/low FODMAP option)
Yield: 2

Gluten-free Cheese Toastie Recipe - BEST EVER! (dairy-free/vegan/low FODMAP option)

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 15 minutes

Gluten-free cheese toastie recipe - the ULTIMATE comfort food that only takes 15 minutes to make! Coeliac-friendly and wheat-free.


  • 4 slices of Schar Super gluten-free bread
  • 4 slices of emmental cheese (or dairy-free alternative)
  • 50g red leicester cheese, grated (or dairy-free alternative)
  • handful of chives
  • butter (or dairy-free alternative)


  1. Place a large pan over a medium heat. Add a small amount of butter (or oil) to the pan and once melted, spread it around so it covers the base.
  2. Spread butter on one side of your bread and sprinkle grated cheese over it. Using your hands, press the grated cheese into the bread so it sticks to it.
  3. Repeat with all 4 slices of your bread.
  4. Turn your bread over and lay 4 slices of emmental cheese on it, as well as some freshly chopped chives. Make it into a sandwich by placing another prepared slice of bread on top - grated cheese-side up.
  5. Repeat so that you now have two toasties ready to go.
  6. Place both toasties into the preheated pan and fry on both sides for 3-4 minutes or until golden.
  7. Serve and enjoy!

Nutrition Information:



Serving Size:


Amount Per Serving: Calories: 428Total Fat: 34gSaturated Fat: 19gTrans Fat: 1gUnsaturated Fat: 11gCholesterol: 95mgSodium: 648mgCarbohydrates: 11gFiber: 1gSugar: 2gProtein: 20g

Nutritional info is estimated and not always accurate.

Thanks for reading all about my gluten-free cheese toastie recipe! If you make it, I’d love to see how it turned out so don’t forget to take a snap of your creations and tag me on Instagram!

Any questions about the recipe? Please do let me know by following me on Instagram and leaving me a comment on a recent photo!

Thanks for reading,

Becky xxx

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