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11 countries where gluten free McDonald’s actually exists

Ok so you’re booking your holiday, but you need to know where gluten free McDonald’s is available first. Wow, we have a lot in common! So here’s 11 countries where gluten free McDonald’s actually exists…

Ok, first off – yes, you can get gluten free McDonald’s in the UK. That’s if your idea of ordering a cheeseburger is this:

If you pop over to quite a few other European destinations you will very quickly realise that us Brits are missing out massively.

Not every single branch of McDonald’s in these countries provide gluten free, so always check the McDonald’s website before you get your hopes up!

1. Spain

11 countries where gluten free McDonald's actually exists

Spain is where I had my first ever gluten free Big Mac. But if you’re not a Big Mac fan, you can have nearly any burger gluten free at no extra cost.

And it’s not just mainland Spain.

Tenerife, Ibiza, Majorca – they’ve all got it.

2. Netherlands

My first experience of gluten free McDonald’s was in Amsterdam. It was only at very select restaurants so make sure you check out my gluten free guide to Amsterdam so you know which ones to go to!

Their seeded gluten-free bun certainly gets the thumbs-up from me! You can choose from a hamburger, cheeseburger and quarter pounder.

3. Italy

11 countries where gluten free McDonald's actually exists

In Italy, McDonald’s use gluten free burger buns from Schar, served in a plastic wrapper to avoid cross-contamination. I found these burgers on offer at every McDonald’s in Rome and in Florence too.

The wrapper made it a little soggy at first, but give it a moment to breathe and you’d never notice the difference. It wasn’t half bad!

If you’re heading to Italy, don’t forget to check out my gluten free guide to Rome and my gluten free guide to Florence.

4. Austria

Ask for ‘gluten frei’ in Austria for a wide variety of burgers served up in gluten-free buns. Danke schon!

5. Portugal

More gluten free buns are available across Portugal and your choice is pretty unreal. You can choose from a Big Mac, double cheeseburger, McRoyal Deluxe, McRoyal Cheese, cheeseburger or a hamburger.

6. Denmark

Yet again, lovely seeded gluten free buns are available in Denmark on request. When will the UK finally catch up?

11 countries where gluten free McDonald's actually exists

7. Sweden

Again, gluten free buns are simply a matter of asking for them in Sweden. The word ‘glutenfritt’ will get you very far.

8. Switzerland

There’s more Schar gluten free burger buns in Switzerland, served up in a plastic wrapper just like in Italy.

It may not be the most appetising way to serve McDonald’s, but it’s either that or cross-contamination risk, right?

11 countries where gluten free McDonald's actually exists

9. Finland

Ordering gluten free McDonald’s in Finland might take a few extra minutes to prepare, but the wait is well worth it. Make sure it comes with a coveted ‘gluteeniton’ sticker on it.

10. Hungary

Is it a crime if I say you won’t go hungry in Hungary if you’re gluten free? Too late, I said it.

11. Norway

Yep, Scandinavia really does take the cake when it comes to gluten free McDonald’s. Head to Norway and ask for the ‘glutenfri’ buns.

11 countries where gluten free McDonald's actually exists

That’s all folks!

So now you have 11 holiday destinations to go and visit! Which have you guys visited before? How was it?! I know there’s so much more to food than McDonald’s (especially when you’re in some of these AMAZING countries) but it’s such a novelty to be able to go to McDonald’s like a normal person!

McDonald’s keep saying that they can’t provide gluten free food here in the UK because of cross-contamination… really? It seems like the rest of Europe have got it covered pretty well!

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Thanks for reading,

Becky xxx

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