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Bagel Nash is your ticket to Gluten Free Bagels

Bagel Nash has decided to throw itself into the Gluten Free scene recently… gluten free bagels at every single branch? That’s music to my ears!

But really the biggest question is…. how do the bagels actually taste?! It’s all well and good having gluten free options, but do they taste as good as the regular bagels? Are the filling options as extensive? Would I visit again? Well, here is what I thought!

bagel nash

I love finding lunch spots that cater for gluten free. I’m not the biggest fan of a ready made sandwich; I tend to opt against a gluten free packaged chocolate brownie for my lunch & I am not a lover of a hot lunch either… leave that for my evening meal please! This often leaves me fairly limited & has resulted in me often bringing a ‘packed lunch’ in my handbag out with me, or eating something I would rather not. 

For me, the perfect lunch location is somewhere that is quick & easy and provides me with choice. I’m a massive sarnie fan, a proper traditional girl. I love some gluten free bread and a filling for lunch; however, I like to be able to have my lunch made fresh with my own choice of filling.

bagel nash

Recently, I noticed that Bagel Nash have started offering gluten free bagels in every single one of their branches. Bagel Nash is a bagel chain that is generally based in the more northern parts of England. Whilst it has a couple of branches in Nottingham & Derby; Manchester, Leeds & York are where you are more likely to bump into this bagel loving hotspot!

So yes, thats right, Bagel Nash offers gluten free bagels. They are wrapped & sealed to reduce the risk of cross contamination & whilst some folk might not be pleased that its a 60p extra charge for gluten free, I personally have absolutely no complaints. I’m happy to pay a little extra for a very good value, delicious gluten free bagel!

bagel nash

The choice of bagel fillings in vast, delicious & gluten free. You can choose one of their set choices or mix it up and put whatever you like in your gluten free bagel. If you just like your gluten free bagel with jam.. you can! The classic smoked salmon & cream cheese, salt beef or, my personal favourite – crayfish & avocado! There is so much choice at Bagel Nash & for it to be so easy to ask for gluten free it’s puts Bagel Nash firmly near the top of my top gluten free lunch spots!

I guess I best mention the bagel itself! The bagel is in my opinion one of the best gluten free bagels I have ever tried. It is soft, light and not as dense as most bagels I have tried in the past. Lightly toasted as all bagels should be, this literally is the perfect bagel. It doesn’t crumble, it doesn’t have a weird old school ‘gluten free’ taste, it tastes, feels and looks like the real deal. Mark actually preferred how my bagel tasted to his own.. I think we have a gluten free bagel convert in the house!!

bagel nash

One thing I do wish is that Bagel Nash would come down south as well. I think it would work really well across the UK! The last two trips Mark & I have made into Manchester city centre we have ended up at Bagel Nash & I definitely want this to continue! If you haven’t been before & get the chance to try out a Bagel Nash, I would highly recommend it!

Let me know if you get the chance to go to Bagel Nash, I’d love to know what you thought of it! What are your favourite places to eat out for lunch? Do you find it easy to find gluten free lunch options where you live? Do they interest you, or do you always end up having the same old thing? Let me know by leaving a comment below, or on Facebook/Twitter.

Thanks for reading,

Becky xxx


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