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Gluten Free Amsterdam Haul – Glutenvrij!

So we went to Amsterdam recently & couldn’t resist bringing home a few Gluten Free treats home with us. Gluten Free or rather… ‘Glutenvrij’ is really great in Holland & actually quite normal it seems. Welcome to my Gluten Free Amsterdam Haul!

I found loads of great places perfect for coeliacs, gluten intolerants & everyone else whilst I was there. I will be putting up a post & video on the best places to eat out in Amsterdam very soon, so keep watch for that! It really is a great city in every single way & a perfect place to enjoy delicious gluten free food safely & easily too. But for now enjoy my Gluten Free Amsterdam Haul 🙂

Let me know if you’ve visited any of the places I’ve mentioned in this video or have tried any of the products before. What do you think of the choices you can get for gluten free in Holland, compared to the UK? What do you think about gluten free McDonalds?! Just drop a comment below, on Facebook/Twitter.  

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Thanks for reading & watching,

Becky xxx


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