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12 Times Gluten Free Bread Failed So Hard, It Almost Won

1. My face when I find a holey slice of gluten free bread…

2. Or is it more just a state of disbelief?

3. Perhaps it’s just a look of sheer terror?

4. But what about your face when you remember how much a loaf of gluten free bread actually costs?!

5. Surely this isn’t what they meant by HOLE-grain?

gluten free bread hole-grain

Sent in by Jessica Richardson

6. Hopefully, you can manage to look on the bright side…

Klaire Clymo

Sent in by Klaire Clymo

7. Because sometimes, you just can’t deny that your holey gluten free bread looks a little like Bart Simpson.

8. Plus, you can always be a trendsetter with this trendy ‘bread bangle’!

9. Or is our gluten free bread just trying to spell out some kind of strange alien language?

10. Wait a second… is that One Direction?!

11. Or is it just the hole where the gluten used to be?

Gluten Free bread with a massive hole!

Sent in by Victoria Cook

12. But let’s just all be thankful that we’re not one of these two slices of bread who have just realised they’re about to be eaten!

Have you had any funny holey gluten free bread lately? Be sure to take a photo and send it to us over on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram! Let’s be honest, in a world filled with gluten and holey bread, we could all use a little bit of a laugh every now and then. So please help us make fellow coeliacs and gluten free fanatics smile by sharing this post with your friends!

If you’ve had a terrible holey gluten free loaf recently (we’ve had a few that were near inedible) then make sure you tweet or Facebook the brand you bought it from. More often than not, they’ll gladly provide vouchers for a brand new loaf. It’s not the ideal solution when you’re left bread-less at lunch, but at least they’re trying their best to manage the situation!


Mark x


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