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The BEST Gluten Free Burgers in London – Honest Burgers

Now you know I am always honest with you guys, well… I think I have found my favourite location for Gluten Free Burgers… Honest Burgers!

In times gone by I have experienced many food destinations where ‘Gluten Free Burger’ is an option on the menu (& many where it is not!), however more often than not this involves being served my burger ‘naked’ without a bun, with my burger placed between 2 slices of gluten free toasted bread or served without chips. None of these options are really ok in this day and age, fortunately Honest Burgers agrees & provides the full experience for a Gluten Intolerant.

honest burgers

Hell yeah, lets dance the gluten free night away!

It feels amazing to walk into a restaurant to be greeted with the ability to have a full meal, not just bits of a meal. The staff at Honest Burgers are amazing too they are really friendly & as soon as I mentioned that I was Gluten Free they explained the menu in detail to me. (The menu is very easy to understand as you can see below!) They explained to me that not only do they provide gluten free burger buns, but they also have gluten free onion rings & gluten free beer on the menu. How exciting! Oh & don’t forget their Rosemary Salted Chips/Fries are Gluten Free too… the best frickin fries ever. Rosemary, salt & potato is a match made in heaven!! Whilst we were in Honest Burgers a huge amount of people came in asking after Gluten Free & were all prepared to wait for a table… it’s that well regarded and delicious!

honest burgers

the delicious, simple menu of Honest Burgers

As I mentioned, the Honest Burgers menu is incredibly straight forward. In my opinion this is what makes it so great. The chefs can really hone their skills to perfection, rather than having a lengthy confusing menu. Whether you fancy chicken or beef their is something for everyone. There is a variety of different toppings you can have within your burger too… & of course each month there is a different Burger Special which can be enjoyed Gluten Free! Everything is incredibly well priced as well. You come away from a central London restaurant feeling like you only paid half the bill!

Right so on with the Gluten Free Grub…..!

honest burgers

what is this heavenly gluten free delight?!

I opted for the classic of all burgers in my opinion. The cheeseburger! You can choose from mature cheddar, red leicester or stilton. After much deliberation I went for the cheddar, however I bet all three taste insane (I love cheese!). The burger came medium pink & was softer, tastier & juicier than any burger I have ever consumed. The gluten free bun was amazing. I have heard such great things about the gluten free buns at Honest Burgers & these really lived up to the hype. They were flavoursome, didn’t crumble & best of all were in no way ‘too bready’. I genuinely haven’t had a better burger in my memory & I will definitely be going back for another asap!

honest burgers

this tastes even better than it looks, & it looks pretty amazing!

Mark opted for the chicken burger in a gluten free bun. The chicken was really moist & flavoursome. A chicken burger can often be such a let down, but this was anything but. It had some delicious mustard mayo smothered on the chicken, which had a perfect subtle mustard taste. Again, Mark absolutely loved the bun & could not believe it was gluten free!

I also mentioned the fries earlier… the Rosemary Salted Fries. I think these deserve their own paragraph, they are insane. I have never thought to add rosemary to my fries before at home (not sure why!), but it seriously is the best combination ever. I am planning to purchase a rosemary plant to I can try and make them myself. The fries come as standard with every meal, and a decent amount too. I would be satisfied with them alone, they were truly sensational!

honest burgers

a very happy gluten free becky!

As you can see this trip to Honest Burgers blew my socks off. Why have I not been before? I used to walk past a hefty queue outside Honest Burgers every single day when I worked in Soho & never ventured inside. I feel like Honest Burgers will be my go to dinner destination in London from now on, I am dreaming gluten free burgers every night at the moment!

Honest Burgers really have expanded over the past few years & offer restaurants in various locations across the capital. So now….. Brixton, Soho, Camden, Portobello, Kings Cross, Oxford Circus, Tooting, Liverpool Street & Clapham all have something amazing in common… they are all home to Honest Burgers. I’m sure that list will just keep growing as well. It is so great to see that the growth of Honest Burgers hasn’t taken anything away from their quality. Each restaurant has great staff, plenty of character & best of all.. delicious Gluten Free food!

I highly recommend this delicious destination for the gluten intolerants, the wheat free eaters, the coeliacs & everyone & everyone whether you can eat gluten or not! I actually cannot wait to go back. Save a seat for me please Honest Burgers!
Have you ever been to Honest Burgers before? What did you think of your visit? Let me know by leaving a comment below or on Facebook/Twitter.

I am now so hungry, & I’m not currently close by an Honest Burgers 🙁

Thanks for reading,

Becky xxx


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