REVIEW: Cloud 9 Brighton Gluten Free Cakes (Dairy Free & Vegan too!)

We love Cloud 9 Gluten Free & Dairy Free Cakes so much, here is a second post all about them. If your in Brighton ever, head down there for a treat!
cloud 9 gluten free

Part 2! Click here for Part 1 of our Cloud 9 Review!

Every time I’m in Brighton, there’s two things that I must repeat without fail. First of all, I make Becky gawp at guitars with me for hours on end in GAK despite having no intention of buying any. Secondly, and almost as a reimbursement for her time, we’ll head to one of the two Cloud 9 cafés for some much needed R&R!

cloud 9 gluten free

Oh, give me another slice please.

In case you’re unfortunate enough to have never been to Brighton, it’s a sort of magical place where every other shop window is filled with delicious looking cakes and baked goods (the rest of the windows are filled with vegetarian shoes if you’re asking). Sadly this often turns into the type of unrequited tale of longing that’s worthy of motion picture adaptation; the realisation neither of us could even dream of eating these offensively attractive cakes is often quite hard to accept. But not anymore.

Cloud 9’s very berry cake (pictured above!) is love at first sight. Well, at second sight too if you count the realisation that it’s entirely vegan. Basically the more times you look at it, the harder it is to resist. Topped with blueberries and coated in an alluringly sweet icing, I knew that this was the cake for me. The cosy interior of Cloud 9 and a cup of peppermint tea was the perfect accompaniment to this rare vegan treat. Jolly good!

cloud 9 gluten free

The ultimate Oreo sensation, a vegan (dairy free) OREO HEAVEN!

It’s a rare occasion that I can eat a singular Oreo biscuit, let alone an entire cake revolving around one. Yet when Becky returned from one of her many Brighton trips, I simply had to trust her that this was somehow truly vegan!  Complete with a lovely swirl of Oreo-peppered icing and a half of my new favourite biscuit on top, this slice was a piece of Cloud 9 in a box. It’s no coincidence that Becky has brought me back a slice of cake every time she’s been to Brighton without me and for that, you have my thanks Cloud 9.

If you find yourself in Brighton, make sure you look for the pink shop with the epic cakes and friendly faces! They rotate the range of cakes they have on a daily basis so make sure you do as I do and I keep checking back for your favourites. If you could bring me back another slice also, I’d be eternally grateful.

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Mark x