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The Best Gluten Free at Glastonbury Festival

So (nearly) every single year it gets to April & everyone starts to get excited for Glastonbury! There is no need to worry if you are Gluten Free at Glastonbury, Glastonbury have got it covered with an amazing choice of places to indulge gluten free! & I have also got it covered with my Gluten Free Glastonbury Guide!

1) The Goan Fish Company

gluten free glastonbury

The Fish Curry queue!

All dishes were gluten and dairy free. I had an amazing King Prawn Caldine served with basmati rice. The queue was insane, I waited for about 20 minutes and it was the best wait of my entire weekend. They also serve a spicy Goan Fish Curry, Dhal dishes and for the early birds an epic sounding Smoked Salmon Kedgeree. If you ever get the opportunity to sample The Goan Fish Company’s delights at a festival I would highly highly recommend it.

2) La Bonne Crepe

Delicious gluten free pancakes were devoured all weekend by yours truly. The gluten free pancake is actually called a Galette which is listed as a savoury pancake; but I asked the guys running La Bonne Crepe and they said I could choose any sweet or savoury filling! So whether it’s a nutella and banana pancake or a ham, cheese and mushroom savoury pancake you fancy you can have one. (Galettes are actually made with Buckwheat Flour if you’re interested!) I tried out both sweet and savoury gluten free delights from La Bonne Crepe and would definitely head back there if I found them at another festival.

3) Paellaria 

Now I know that paella can be something that us gluten intolerants can often eat anyway… but not always, and this paella stall was amazing! They clearly stated they were gluten free on all their signs, which was great too. They do both a vegetarian and meat paellas. I can confirm that they both smelt and looked incredible & further still the meat paella was divine. The huge chunks of chorizo flavoured the paella amazingly. This was one of the first dishes I had at Glastonbury and I can safely say I still dream about it often. Check them out if you see their stand at another festival this summer!

4) The Cake Hole

gluten free glastonbury

The Cake Hole!

What a find this was! Cake, cakes and more cakes! Not all gluten free but the choice of gluten free cakes was outstanding. From lemon drizzle to carrot cake and even a gluten free sticky toffee pudding with custard! Furthermore they have a huge selection of vegan cakes too, for instance they had a date & walnut cake, a sticky ginger cake and a chocolate cake on offer when I visited. So for those who cannot consume dairy there is something here for you too. The best thing in my opinion about The Cake Hole is that all cakes and puddings are baked right on site… in the field! I don’t know how they do it but they do it brilliantly. The carrot cake was a massive hit in my belly! That is the great thing about Glastonbury its certainly not all burgers and hot dogs, a civilised bowl on pudding with custard is very much an option here.

5) Honeybuns Bakery 

Now I have always been a massive fan of Honeybuns Bakery as you might be able to tell from previous posts, so to find somewhere like this amongst all the mud at Glastonbury made me feel right at home! Not only did their cakes and bakes taste as delicious as ever but Honeybuns had a lovely little covered area with seats where you could relax whilst you chomped down a cake… or two! All gluten free of course and incredibly friendly means a massive thumbs up from me!

6) Smooth Criminals

gluten free glastonbury

Smoothie Time!

Now of course smoothies are naturally gluten free anyway but this place deserves a mention. I tried my best to keep my already dodgy digestive system functioning at Glastonbury and Smooth Criminals with their delicious range of smoothies made this much easier. The smoothies are full of fresh and delicious fruit and yoghurt. I particularly enjoyed one called ‘Purple Haze’, which I think was raspberry, blueberry and strawberry. These smoothies were incredibly filling and cooling and made me feel great! ?

7) La Choza 

As a massive fan of Brighton as a place on this earth I was really excited to get the chance to visit La Choza at Glastonbury who were situated at The Common. I heard they would be serving some tasty gluten free soft corn tortillas and crispy corn tacos, something I love. I love Mexican food so much and so this was something I didn’t want to miss. Yet I did! I never got down to The Common for one reason or another and so I totally missed out. However, I would highly recommend anyone visiting them at a festival this summer or if you are in Brighton go and check them out on Gloucester Road, you won’t regret it!

8) Thai Green Curry from Unknown Named Stand!

gluten free glastonbury

Gluten Free Thai Green Curry

I had a delicious Thai Green Chicken Curry from a stand close by to the Somerset Cider bus and the Pyramid Stage but sadly I cannot remember for the life of me what the stall was called! I will mention it anyway however as this was delicious! Served with really flavoursome Thai rice, I couldn’t think of a nicer accompaniment to a bit of Jack White on the Saturday evening! The stall had it clearly stated that gluten free options were available and they were very helpful when I went and asked! I must say everyone was very understanding of gluten free options at Glastonbury so I would urge you to always ask. If you don’t ask, you don’t get!!

gluten free glastonbury

I had an amazing time, I urge you to check Glastonbury out too!

Further Gluten Free Glastonbury Highlights:

1) The Peckish Peacock
2) The Thali Café
3) Avalon Café
4) No Bones Jones
5) Buddhafield Café
6) Stewed and Baked
7) Handmade Cornish Pasties 
8) Gandhi’s Flip Flop
9) Buddha Bowls
10) Dosa Deli
11) The Ethical Chef
12) Fat Boxes of Healthy Stuff 
13) Yalla Yalla
14) The Soup Library 
15) Just Desserts 

*** For more Gluten Free Info – head over to Williams Green Info Point & they will provide a list ***

Glastonbury is a food festival as well as a performing arts festival and so I was pretty excited to see what they could offer me & you definitely should be too!
It is shocking when you arrive at Glastonbury to see literally how many different food stalls exist; it is quite literally off the chain. The variety in cuisine makes you feel like you are on a round the world trip over 5 days. Delicious, authentic and if you take your time… plenty of gluten free goodness is right there.
Obviously the usual dishes that we feel pretty safe eating are all on offer… so jacket potatoes, salads, smoothies, juices, and fruit salads. But when you see your best mate devouring a curry, I can’t be the only one who thinks a banana just doesn’t hack it. (Although submerging my face in half a juicy pineapple from a fruit stall near The Park Stage was scrumptiously memorable!)

I hope if  you are going to Glastonbury you have a great time and eat happily and safely gluten free! Have an awesome time! Please let me know if you attend any other festivals this summer whether the gluten free options are as vast, I would be interested to know 🙂

gluten free glastonbury

Gluten Free Dolly Parton?

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