Gluten Free Easter Rocky Road Recipe

Gluten free Easter rocky road recipe, anyone? There's mini eggs AND mini creme eggs in there for the ultimate Easter treat!

Prep Time 20 minutes
Chill time 2 hours
Servings 12 slices


  • 375 g chocolate (I always use about 70% dark, but you could go darker or milk)
  • 150 g hard margarine or butter
  • 100 g golden syrup
  • 240 g gluten free digestive biscuits
  • 60 g mini marshmallows
  • 180 g mini Creme Eggs (about two small bags)
  • 200 g mini eggs
  • 75 g white chocolate


  1. Place some parchment/baking paper into a baking tin.

  2. Melt together your chocolate, butter and golden syrup in a glass bowl over some boiling water.

  3. Take 150g of the melted mixture and put to one side for later

  4. Crush your biscuits. I put mine in a bag and hit them with a rolling pin - don't break them up too finely as you want some nice biscuit chunks in your rocky road. Pour the biscuits into the main chocolate mixture.

  5. Then mix in your marshmallows.

  6. Crush your mini eggs in a similar way to how you crushed your biscuits. And chop your mini Creme Eggs into eighths. Add the majority into your mixture. Leave some of both to one side to pop on the top.

  7. Press your rocky road mixture down into your tin. Push it down with the back of a spoon. (It doesn't matter if your tin is bigger than you need it to be - my tin is always too big, I just make sure the rocky road is the thickness that I want it to be. (Mine is about 23x23cm - but still too big!)

  8. Melt your white chocolate (microwave will do here).

  9. Pour your 150g of melted chocolate mixture over the rocky road. Spread it as evenly as you can

  10. Drizzle your white chocolate over the top and feather it with a skewer.

  11. Finish off your rocky road by putting a view extra crushed mini eggs, mini Creme Eggs on the top.

  12. Place in the fridge to set. I leave mine for a couple of hours

  13. Remove from the fridge and cut into pieces ready to eat. Enjoy

Recipe Notes

You can use any gluten free eggs you want. So as well as mini Creme Eggs and Cadbury's mini eggs (both which in the UK are gluten free) you could also use Smarties mini eggs or Milkybar mini eggs.