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5 reasons you need a food intolerance-friendly Bosch Serie 6 Oven

An oven is the centre of the universe in any kitchen and ours is no different. But how can you even begin to pick a new one out of so many different brands and models?! Well, let me help! Here’s 5 reasons you need a food intolerance-friendly Bosch Serie 6 oven.

Our household is definitely one where food intolerances not only play a big part in what we eat, but also how we cook too. For me, gluten is off the menu and Mark is lactose intolerant and we both struggle to tolerate garlic and onion. It can make dinner time a very time consuming meal!

Bosch Serie 6 Oven

According to a poll conducted by Bosch, people spend an average of 2 and a half hours a week in the kitchen making foods that meet everyone’s needs. Rather tragically, 80% of people just wished everyone could eat the same thing and I definitely know that frustrated feeling! But sadly, wishing it away certainly isn’t going to change anything anytime soon!

For me, an oven can’t just be highly functional and aesthetically pleasing, it’s also got to be food intolerance-friendly and hopefully save me a little time when preparing multiple dishes. So with that in mind, here’s 5 reasons I love my Bosch Serie 6 oven…

1. Every shelf in the oven cooks at the exact same temperature.

I mean, it probably should, shouldn’t it?!

(If you’ve not had the displeasure of using every oven in every student accommodation I’ve ever lived in, then I can sadly reassure you that they definitely do not all cook at the same temp whatsoever!)

But thanks to the Bosch Serie 6’s 3D HotAir, you can get an even cook on every shelf. Whaaaat?! Bosch’s 3D HotAir setting simply ensures that the hot air circulates and evenly distributes around the oven. Problem solved.

That means an even cook across the board, every time. This is soooo vital during baking, like when you’re baking multiple trays of cookies. After all, who wants crispy cookies on the top shelf, perfectly baked cookies on the middle shelf and underdone ones on the bottom?

It also means that sweet and savoury dishes can be cooked at the same time without mixing flavours – perfect!

Bosch Serie 6 Oven

2. It’s great for cooking dishes separately and especially handy with our food intolerances.

When it comes to food intolerances, cooking for multiple people can be a little tricky to say the least. But what if your oven made life a little easier?

Research conducted by Bosch found that one quarter of all families have someone suffering from a food intolerance or allergy and our house is definitely one of them!

Fortunately, the new 2 piece split pans from Bosch allow you to cook different dishes on the same shelf.

(Check out the photo below to see what I mean!)

So in one pan, I could have the cheesiest food on Earth and Mark (who’s lactose intolerant!) could have his totally separate. It also allows us to keep cook foods for guests which contain garlic and onion, whilst keeping it separate from our own.

We both struggle to tolerate onion and garlic, so it’s perfect for avoiding an unwanted fusion of flavours and reducing the risk of an upset stomach. I’ve never seen an oven with food intolerances in mind before, so this is a massive tick for us!

Bosch Serie 6 Oven

3. The design is a smart, sleek and modern focal point for any kitchen.

Now, I’m actually quite fussy when it comes to the aesthetic look of kitchen appliances. I love the whole country kitchen feel, so I prefer my kitchen appliances to not clash with that look too much. After all, what good is the perfect oven if it sticks out like a sore thumb?

I guess ‘minimalistic and understated’ is how I’d describe my ideal oven… and fortunately, the Bosch Serie 6 has totally nailed that vibe.

The display is nice and clear with a brushed, stainless steel metal fascia. Even the design of all the little icons is incredibly minimal, whilst still being totally clear as to what each button does.

Plus, what I really love aesthetically is that the two control knobs can be pushed back in and out again. It’s amazing! So when your oven isn’t in use, the control knobs are 100% flat and flush with the surface, further fuelling that minimalistic feel.

So whatever kind of cook you are – a baker, an aspiring chef or someone with a hungry family at your heels – Bosch defo have a stylish oven that will suit your kitchen.

Bosch Serie 6 Oven

4. But it’s not just a pretty face! It’s high-tech but soooo easy to use.

The Bosch Serie 6 oven has a ton of different settings to suit the food that you’re cooking and all the benefits of 3D HotAir. But if you’re upgrading from an ancient oven of yesteryear, there’s defo no reason to be worried about how complicated it is.

The one benefit about some of the old school ovens I used to use was how simple they were to operate. Select your setting with one dial and set the temperature with the other. Job done.

But that’s exactly how easy the Bosch Serie 6 oven is to use. Thankfully it also enjoys the benefit of having 12 different cooking settings (my old school oven only had 3!), better heat dispersion, a digital timer, child safety lock and it even has a built in temperature probe too.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is that having a bunch of features doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s more complicated at all!

Bosch Serie 6 Oven

Bosch Serie 6 Oven

5. It’s a really reliable oven and always produces perfect results when cooking or baking.

If you’ve ever been tasked with baking somewhere else that isn’t your home, your first concern would probably be: ‘what’s the oven like?’

You really do get used to your own oven. You know exactly how long it takes to heat up, which parts of the oven are hottest/coldest and you likely have the awareness that you need to put your oven 20 degrees lower than any recommended temperature or else it’ll just burn everything.

But with the Bosch Serie 6, thankfully you’ll thankfully no longer need the kind of knowledge gained through the experience of a few burnt fishcakes and many underbaked, sunken cakes.

It just feels like ‘your oven’ from day one and you can just trust that it’ll cook your food, exactly how you’d expect it to.

Bosch is a brand we always trust in other products we use around the house (like our garden tools and Mark’s DIY tools!) and the kitchen is no different. You just can’t fault the quality, technical aspects, or value for money.

Bosch Serie 6 Oven

So that’s the 5 reasons you need a food intolerance-friendly Bosch Serie 6 Oven! If I’ve convinced you, then you can find the Bosch Serie 6 ovens by clicking here.

Any questions about this oven? Please do let me know by leaving a comment at the bottom of this post, or by following me Instagram and leaving me a comment!

Thanks for reading,

Becky xxx

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