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5 reasons we always carry LactoJoy lactase tablets

It’s a little ironic, but my boyfriend Mark is a massive dairy fan, despite being lactose intolerant. He always opts for lactose-free over dairy-free products, so LactoJoy lactase tablets seemed like a dream come true for him.

But what are they? LactoJoy lactase tablets contain the lactase enzyme which helps to break down lactose in dairy products. For Mark, it helps to turn things which contain lactose into lactose-free products in a pinch. Here’s 5 reasons why we always carry them around with us.

5 reasons we always carry LactoJoy lactase tablets

1. Break in case of emergency.

Eating out is tough and mistakes happen. Unlike with every other intolerance, you can correct those mistakes if you carry lactase tablets like LactoJoy.

Mark has unintentionally been given real milk in his tea when out and about, told a cake was vegan when it definitely wasn’t and given real cheese on his pizza despite asking for dairy free.

It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it totally ruins our day (and his day for several days after). So if he starts getting that ‘I’ve just eaten dairy’ feeling, the LactoJoy are his perfect plan B.

Of course, it’s always ideal to take LactoJoy before eating dairy ideally!

5 reasons we always carry LactoJoy lactase tablets

2. They only contain necessary ingredients (ie. no gluten!)

I feel for you if you’re lactose intolerant and gluten intolerant/Coeliac or vegan. You can buy lactase tablets in a well-known health store, but guess what? They contain wheat and gelatine.

Totally unnecessary, I’m sure. LactoJoy only contains the enzyme lactase, a vegetable separating agent and organic potato starch.

That makes them gluten, fructose, histamine and of course lactose free, as well as vegan.

5 reasons we always carry LactoJoy lactase tablets

3. For Mark’s antibiotics.

Mark is actually on antibiotics right now (I’m sure he wouldn’t mind me telling you this!) and despite telling his Doctor over and over and over again that he’s lactose intolerant, what’s always in his antibiotics? Lactose.

He’s tried asking for antibiotics without lactose, because they do exist. However, different antibiotics seem to treat different specific parts of the body and different infections, which was news to me. I thought they just all did pretty much the same thing!

It’s just not as easy as substituting one for another, so he now takes a LactoJoy with every tablet instead. Problem solved.

5 reasons we always carry LactoJoy lactase tablets

4. They’re discreet.

Ok, taking a lactase tablet in public isn’t the most embarrassing thing you can do at the dinner table. But start popping pills in front of work colleagues and you should probably expect a lengthy chat about your digestive system – something which I never really overly enjoy.

Fortunately, LactoJoy’s tablet dispenser looks more like a pack of mints than some sort of medical medicine container. Trust me – you don’t want to rattle with a bottle of tablets when you walk in the restaurant!

Plus it’s incredibly compact and it’ll fit in even the smallest of pockets so you can always have it with you, just in case.

5 reasons we always carry LactoJoy lactase tablets

5. They’re better value than other lactase tablets

Apart from coming with a dispenser that you’d actually want to reuse, you get way more bang for your buck with LactoJoy. Each tablet contains 14,500 FCC which is double that of Mark’s old lactase tablets from the health shop.

He ended up having to taken three of his old ones at a time, meaning he went through the whole bottle quite quickly. Fortunately, you can also halve LactoJoy tablets, which isn’t common with lactase tablets.

5 reasons we always carry LactoJoy lactase tablets

So that’s 5 reasons we always carry LactoJoy lactase tablets around with us! Of course, LactoJoy is great for enjoying a little treat of something you really miss eating from time to time too.

But Mark finds that just the security of knowing you have a plan B in your pocket to be the best part of all.

If you want to always carry LactoJoy tablets with you too, you can pick them up on their website.

Any questions? Please do let me know by leaving a comment below or on Facebook / Twitter / Instagram!

Thanks for reading,

Becky xxx

This is a sponsored post with Lactojoy.


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