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Let’s take a look at Tesco’s new lactose free & dairy free range…

Holding your breath whilst waiting for new lactose free products is so dangerous, it should probably be classified as an extreme sport. However, Tesco may have just levelled the playing field!

So just by chance I popped into Tesco this morning and came across a whole host of new products, that I found very interesting and exciting. Everything was of course gluten free but additionally the most important thing about these new products are that Mark can eat them! Now, Mark is lactose intolerant which means he cannot digest the sugar, lactose, which is found within regular milk. Because of this, dairy products are off limits to him, thus we basically eat a dairy free diet as well as a gluten free diet. However, there are some products on the market that are lactose free instead of being 100% dairy free/milk free, which is an important distinction. This means that they still contain dairy/milk BUT the lactose sugar in the product has been removed which means Mark can tolerate it! I know quite a few people who also just have a lactose intolerance rather than an allergy to milk.

Before we get to the products, I just wanted to re-emphasise that products which are dairy free/milk free are also lactose free. However, products that are lactose free are NOT safe for those of you which are 100% dairy free/milk free. 

Right so in Tesco today I found a whole mix of new products. Some of which were JUST lactose free and some that were entirely dairy free. I thought I would share these with you today, I hope you find them as exciting as I did!! Let’s start with the products that are completely DAIRY FREE! (Though definitely keep scrolling because the lactose free products literally blew our socks off!)

Dairy Free Blackcurrant Cheese Cakes (gluten free)

Dairy Free Caramel Panna Cotta

Dairy Free Millionaire’s Dessert

Dairy Free Banoffee Dessert 

Dairy Free Rice Pudding with Strawberry

Dairy Free Red Leicester Cheese

Dairy Free Wensleydale Cheese with Cranberry

Dairy Free Soft Cheese

Dairy Free Grated Mozzarella

Dairy Free Blue Cheese

Dairy Free Mature Cheddar

Dairy Free Smoked Cheese

Dairy Free Prune Yoghurt

Dairy Free Chocolate Ganache Dessert

Dairy Free Mango and Passionfruit Dessert

Dairy Free Lemon and Raspberry Dessert

Nush Dairy Free Almond Milk Natural Yoghurt

Nush Dairy Free Almond Milk Blueberry Yoghurt

Dairy Free Vita Coco Coconut Milk

Dairy Free Soya Dream

Dairy Free Coconut Dream

Dairy Free Rice Dream

Dairy Free Coconut Collaborative Lemon Dessert

Dairy Free Coyo Natural Yoghurt 

Dairy Free Coyo Vanilla Bean Yoghurt

Right so onto the LACTOSE FREE products!

It’s interesting to see with these products that they have different packaging from the rest of the free from range. Yes they are ‘free from’ something but lactose isn’t an allergen like other Tesco Free From products are. I think the change of packaging is a positive, just so that it helps people realise that it isn’t free from dairy just because it is sitting with dairy free products. It makes you think before you purchase on auto pilot. I think this is a good compromise really… it’s in the chilled free from section but with significantly different packaging. What do you think?

Lactose Free Creamy Blue Cheese

Lactose Free Mascarpone

Lactose Free Mozzarella

Lactose Free Crème Fraîche

Lactose Free Greek Style Natural Yoghurt

Lactose Free Peach Yoghurt

Lactose Free Raspberry Yoghurt

Lactose Free Strawberry Yoghurt

And there you have it, suddenly out of nowhere we have been treated to a whole host of new lactose free products and dairy free products at Tesco. Mark enjoyed some lactose free blue cheese in his sandwich this lunchtime and he said it was the best ever. What do you guys think of the new lactose free products in Tesco? Are they something you would will be putting in your shopping trolley next supermarket trip? What about the new dairy free products, how do they tickle your fancy?! The dairy free desserts from Freaks of Nature look especially delish! Let me know your thoughts on here, or on Facebook/Twitter.

Oh and I forgot, in celebration of this delicious discovery we are most certainly having gluten free and dairy free cheesy nachos for dinner tonight… hell yes!

Thanks for reading,

Becky xxx


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