The Ultimate Allergy & Free From Show Bucket List

The Allergy & Free From Show is back on tour yet again with their Scotland appearance coming up rapidly on the 11-12th of March at the Glasgow SECC. This got me thinking… why isn’t there an ultimate Allergy & Free From Show bucket list?!

Being an Allergy & Free From Show veteran myself, I thought I’d help everyone out by compiling my own bucket list of everything you need to do when attending The Allergy Show! I’d hate to think that people could go to The Allergy & Free From Show and miss out so many of the little things that make it so memorable for me and Mark. These are the things that always keep us coming back every year! Some of these range in difficulty but don’t let that put you off – I expect 100% completion!

1. Arrive at The Allergy Show early and queue up before the doors have even opened.

2. Pick up a free show bag and search the contents immediately.

3. Try three different types of gluten free bread and congratulate the best brand by going back for seconds.

4. Meet the owner/founder of a big free from brand in person (selfie optional).


I met Kirsty of Kirsty’s!


5. Pick up a show programme and circle all the stands that you must visit.

6. Discover a new free from product/brand you’ve never tried.

7. Awkwardly decline a free sample because you’re “just too full.”

8. Stand and watch in amazement as some guy demonstrates the world’s greatest mop (no really, you have to see it to believe it).

9. Pick up a new free from cooking tip by watching a cooking demo.

10. Consume the equivalent of an entire cake in hundreds of tiny samples.

11. Be brave enough to ask a question at the end of an enlightening talk at the learning centre.

12. Try three different types of sausage and reward the victor by taking some home for tonight’s dinner.

13. Grant yourself the title of ‘Free From Pizza Judge’ and sample every slice of pizza available.

14. Frantically cheer after hearing a mind-blowing live performance courtesy of The Allergy Show’s house band, Dodo Bones (autograph optional).

Allergy & Free From Show London

Who knew that The Allergy & Free From Show sounded so good?

15. Pick up a free from product at a discount through a special show price offer.

16. Plan to attend a talk at the learning centre at a specific time and then actually remember to do so (difficulty: hard).

17. Be the first person to instigate a round of applause at the end of a cookery demo or learning centre talk.

18. Find a supermarket’s stand and try something that’s not even in the free from aisles yet.

19. Win a free from product through spinning a wheel (winning a quiz also acceptable)

20. Sample a dish made during a cooking demonstration.

21. Leave your friend/other half behind to wait with the bags as you’ve now purchased too many things to reasonably carry.

22. Meet the author of a free from cookery book (signed copy optional).


Yep, I met THE Ms. Cupcake!

23. Find the brand with the most creative looking stand and congratulate them on their sheer awesomeness.

24. Enter a competition by signing up to a brand’s mailing list (bonus points if you actually end up winning).

25. Try something that’s been freshly prepared at the show for you (I usually go for pizza or a sausage roll!)

26. Find a brand that’s appeared on Dragon’s Den before (additional points if you then explain to them where they went wrong.)

27. Discover a local free from brand that you can’t believe you’ve never known about until now.

28. Tweet a selfie at the show and get it retweeted by The Allergy Show official Twitter account.


Hi @AllergyShow. Please RT????

29. Try a sample of gluten free beer and wonder why free beer just never caught on.

30. Pick up one of the many awesome free from baking mixes available for your next baking session.

31. Pretend you’ve just had a strong shot of vodka when knocking back a sample of dairy free milk from a small, plastic shot glass.

32. Make sure you’re snapped in a photo by one of the official show photographers.

33. Actually remember to buy all those frozen free from products you wanted just before going home (difficulty: very hard).

34. Only leave the show once you hear someone announce that it will be closing over the tannoy.

35. Come back for the second day and do it all over again!

Well that’s that then! To be honest, if you manage to even do half of my bucket list, I’ll probably still give you a high 5! If you’re up for my bucket list challenge then you can use my link to get free tickets to The Allergy Show for the price of absolutely zilch. Now you have no excuse ๐Ÿ™‚

Did I miss anything off my bucket list? What’s your favourite thing to do at The Allergy & Free From Show? Please leave me a comment below letting me know so I can add it to the list! I hope you have fun at the show and do make sure you let me know how far you got through my bucket list! Here’s a video I made at The Allergy & Free From Show in London last year… can you count how many tasks I ticked off from my bucket list just in this video?!

Thanks for reading,

Becky xxx