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My 5 Switches and Ditches for 2017

New Year, New You. We’ve all heard that a thousand times over the past few weeks – its the phrase that reminds me that it’s a new year! However rather than writing a blog post along those lines I decided that I’d change it up a little bit and share my five switches and ditches of 2017!

1) Ditching the driving & switching to walking!

Now by no means do I mean I am not longer going to use my car and literally walk everywhere, but I want to walk more.When I nip to the shops or visit some friends and family there is literally no need for me to jump in my car (her name is Judith if you must know). Walking is actually really enjoyable anyway, I mean when we were in Brighton recently we walked literally everywhere every single day & it was great. You get to see more, you feel more energised… there are literally no negatives at all! I bought myself an Apple Watch for my birthday this year & it has definitely encouraged me even more to walk. Oh & not forgetting ditching the car & switching to walking is better for our lovely planet earth!


2) Ditching some foods & switching to… other foods!

So when it comes to food I am definitely someone whose a strong advocate of a balanced diet. There is literally no chance you will see me gorging on salad throughout January just because I ate a little more over Christmas. I hate the word restriction, I hate the phrase cheat day & I despise ‘clean eating’. For me it’s about eating whatever you like whenever you like. That way you never crave anything, and you never have to feel bad. Something I received as a birthday gift this year was a spiraliser… I’ve never had one before, I’ve never really considered getting one either, but I’m really exciting to try it out. I’ve often bought courgetti in the supermarkets but I think it will be really fun to try making my own, as well as using it with other fruit & veg… think of the possibilities. The important word in the previous sentence for me was ‘fun’, seriously as soon as you take fun out of food and go all serious and obsessive it will never be the same! So this year in the name of FUN… I am ditching eating the same old foods all the time & exploring the endless possibilities out there.

3) Ditching the cheeky after dinner sugary snacks and switching to Ricola!


Now as many of you will know, sugar and I do not get on very well. My IBS is really aggravated by sugar, it’s a nightmare. However, just because we don’t get on, it doesn’t mean that I don’t regularly get sugar cravings… especially after dinner. I often end up eating chocolates, ice cream or even fresh fruit (which I know sounds ‘healthy’ but IBS says NO.. most fruit is just too sugary for me, especially before bed) whilst watching telly in the evening. I then end up going to bed feeling pretty poorly. I’ve been trying to find something recently that offers me a solution to my sugar cravings and I actually finally think I have found it, hurrah! My answer are these delicious ‘Mouthwateringly Good Swiss Herbal Sweets’ called Ricola! I’ve actually seen this brand in the supermarkets and health food shops for years, but until now I’d never really considered trying them, I wish I had! I’ve got Mark into trying them as well, and over the past week or so we suddenly have a new after dinner sweet. Basically, Ricola are sugar free and come in a ton of flavours, some that I prefer and some that Mark prefers. We have built up quite a collection of Ricola now, for me the Scrumptious OrangeMint and Refreshing LemonMint have ticked my boxes whereas Mark tastebuds are tickled by the, the Delicious Elderflower and Tasty Cranberry. I’m so happy to actually be able to have something with a little sweetness in the evenings but without all the sugar, I’ll keep you posted with how I get on!

4) Ditching the thinking and switching to doing!

For me I have always been someone who thinks too much. I think deeply about everything, I constantly make lists yet don’t ever tick everything off. Sometimes I really want to do something but I think about all the negatives, the risks etc and then never get round to doing it. I guess I am a bit of a worrier! This year I am changing this. I have already done something along these lines. On my birthday (yes I mention my birthday again, it was on the 9th January), I was in Brighton, I walked past a piercing shop & suddenly decided I wanted to get a new piercing or two. I pondered for a couple of minutes outside and then decided literally what is the worst that can happen?! 10 minutes later I had a new second lobe piercing and a helix piercing in my right ear. I love it & I’m so glad I just did it. Seriously 2017 is the year of just doing everything. Yeah, it is probably best to not completely ditch thinking, but this year I am upping the positivity & giving everything a go. Hell yeah.

5) Ditching the sofa and switching to the gym!

You are definitely going to hear this a lot at the start of every new year, but for me it’s a little different. I haven’t exercised properly in almost three years now. I won’t go into why it’s been so long, I’ll save that for another day! But, in 2017 I have rejoined the gym! Our house is actually only a 10 minute walk from a gym so it seemed the perfect opportunity to get back into exercise. For me I want to start exercising again for a couple of reasons. Firstly for health reasons, I think it’s important for your insides that you keep active – keep your heart pumping! Secondly I want to get back into the gym for fun! I think it will be a great opportunity to try out new classes which I’m hoping will be sociable and also in the past I always found that exercise is a great stress reliever… it just makes you feel good. So this year, a little less of the sofa and a little more of the rowing machine!


… there you have it, my five switches and ditches of 2017! I’m really pleased with my choices and I think that the variety of switches will help me to ensure that I stick to them. I’m really excited to get back into some exercise, it should be lots of fun and hopefully I’ll see some positive results in the process. The toughest switch and ditch will definitely be ditching the thinking and switching to doing, I know it sounds simple but it’s almost changing my mindset entirely, I’ll let you know how I get on. Switching from sugary desserts to Ricola is something I’m looking forward to massively, as I said, I have already started this and I’m pretty addicted to them, I’ve even got a LemonMint in as I’m typing this! A massive thank you to Ricola for sending me a load more packets of Ricola recently, I really appreciate you guys helping me out with my Switch & Ditch campaign!



It would be great to hear if you have made any switches and ditches in 2017. If you haven’t yet why not have a think about it? What would you like to switch and ditch? Also has anyone else tried Ricola before? Honestly if you haven’t and you are trying to cut down on sugar I would highly recommend them. If you have any thoughts just drop me a comment below, and/or on Facebook/Twitter.

Thanks for reading and watching,

Becky xxx


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