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My University Experience

University was a massive point in my life. It had its ups and downs and to be honest I’m really glad I made it through! Massive changes in life, such as university, seem to be the things that not only affect your brain (obviously) but also affect your second brain… your gut! This was definitely the case for me. So I thought I’d share with you, my university experience! Would love if you could share a little bit of your life back with me 🙂

Whilst my blog is predominantly a place where I create gluten free recipes, go on gluten free travel adventures, eat out at gluten free restaurants & discover gluten free gems in supermarkets; the main thing that I personally love about my blog is it’s made by me! On a personal level I am, and forever will be super proud of this teeny tiny chunk of info on the internet that I have created. And although I chat a lot about the present and the future on here… what I am making for dinner today & what new gluten free products are coming out next week – the past is equally important. Every single one of us has had a very different past and I feel that there are a few things from my past that I would like to share with you guys. Not because I like to talk about me, but rather I’d like to think some of the things I want to talk about might be interesting, useful & even relatable to some of you.


For those of you who have any sort of intolerances, allergies, chronic illnesses etc, when did they first start for you? Or rather, when did you first start noticing them? I’m sure plenty of you can remember the time when things started to not feel quite right in your body. I certainly can. For me it was the start of university back in 2009. University was a massive change in my life for so many reasons, I guess it’s a massive change for everyone. I’ve definitely found that for many people I speak to a change of circumstance, for better or for worse can often have some sort of triggering effect on the body to act differently.


I thought that today rather than waffling on for thousands and thousands of words about my university experience I would record a video telling you about it (which you can see above!). It goes from the very beginning up until when I graduated and all the little bits in between. I would love to know if anyone can relate to anything I say, because I’m pretty sure looking back on it, I wasn’t alone in how I felt at university and the subsequent issues it created for me.


Whether you’ve been to university, are currently studying at university, are preparing for university or university is a distant memory for you… I’d like to think that my University Experience video might be useful/interesting for you. When I first started university I didn’t really know what to expect & looking back, it would have been great to have someone to chat to about it. As the first one in my family to go to university, none of us knew truly what to expect!

For me, university is all about looking after yourself. Of course it’s about new experiences, new people and making the most of every minute but none of that will be as good as it could be if you are not looking after number one.

Always do what is best for you, even if it’s different to what you expected. Don’t worry what other people think, or rather don’t worry about what YOU think other people will think – anyone who matters in this world just wants what is best for you.


Oh & by the way, although university can definitely shape your life if you want it to… you are only at uni for a very small percentage of your life. There is so much more to life than university. You might make friends at university that you keep for life, but equally a lot of those people you spent years with at university aren’t going to be living close by after uni. Everyone goes off on their own paths… I did, you will too.

My life is definitely very different now to how I expected it to be back when I was trudging to university open days, reading through university prospectus & wondering how on earth i decide what university I want to go to. I wouldn’t of been able to even guess I would be where I am now. But I must admit… at nearly 26 years old, life is good (even if my stomach hates me! #IBSproblems)


I hope you enjoyed listening to my university experience in the UK. My adventures from the University of Manchester… to the University of Sussex… to the University of Essex, heck I travelled a lot in those 4 years! How was your university experience if you went? Actually, I’d really just like to know how you guys dealt with that time in your life… your late teens and early 20s is a time of massive change in life, how did you cope? Was it the best time, or could things have been different & therefore better for you?
If anyone has any questions relating to my uni experience, I’m more than happy to answer them. If you know somebody who is going to uni or is at university at the moment and needs advice or just a chat… I’m always happy to. University is a MASSIVE part of anyones life and sometimes I think you are sucked into a whirlwind and don’t have enough time to stay level headed and really think what is best for you. You might have the most supportive group of family and friends around you (or not) but I don’t even feel that that’s enough sometimes. Throw me a comment below, or on Facebook/Twitter if you’d like to.

Well, thanks for reading and watching.
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Thanks again,

Becky xxx


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