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Ombar buttons… The Best Vegan and Dairy Free Chocolate Ever?!

After Becky’s recent trip to London, she came back with two humble packets of Ombar’s vegan and dairy free chocolate buttons. Not only am I lucky, but now I also have chocolate!

As a massive fan of Dairy Milk buttons (well, an ex-fan since being lucky enough to join the lactose intolerant club) I couldn’t believe my tastebuds when I tried a few cheeky coconut milk chocolate buttons courtesy of Ombar. How could dairy-free chocolate taste this good?!


I’ve tried a lot of dairy-free and vegan chocolate in my time and most of it fits on the scale somewhere between bitter dark chocolate and unexciting plain chocolate… long story short: not exactly a taste sensation. However, Ombar’s vegan and dairy free chocolate buttons are on their own insanely amazing scale altogether! Oh, & of course they are gluten free too, as are all Ombar products.


Ombar’s vegan and dairy free chocolate buttons actually have an intense creamy quality that (basically all) dairy-free chocolate lacks. Because of this, these delicious buttons aren’t rock solid either; I can’t count the amount of times I’ve struggled to bite into dairy-free chocolate. My dentist will most certainly be pleased that I’ve finally found Ombar!


In short, I retract any statement where I claimed that I enjoyed any dairy-free chocolate in the past and instead tell you all this: go and try Ombar’s vegan and dairy free chocolate buttons! Stop wasting time reading this when you could either be a) Spending your time finding Ombar’s chocolate buttons or b) Eating Ombar’s chocolate buttons. Get out of here!

Let us know if you have enjoyed any Ombar products or if you have a different favourite dairy free chocolate! Leave a comment below, or on Facebook/Twitter.


Mark x


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