The Only Gluten Free Pancakes Recipe You’ll Ever Need

Can gluten free pancakes really be dairy free and low FODMAP too? Oh yes. But being from the UK, when I say pancakes, I’m more referring to the thin, light Crêpes rather than thick, fluffy American style pancakes of course.

In my mind, it doesn’t matter what you call them, as long as you make me a big stack of them! Of course, these gluten free pancakes are dairy free as well as low FODMAP too… and guess what? They taste just like the pancakes my Mum used to make, rolled up with sugar and lemon. I’ve actually made a video showing you exactly how easy it is to make these gluten free pancakes so click the video above to watch the magic happen!

gluten free pancakes

The reason I say that this is the only gluten free pancakes recipe you’ll ever need is because, well… it just works! These pancakes will remind you of every good pancake day that you can remember (yes, even the ones when you could eat gluten if you can remember that far back!) These beautiful, light, crispy and thin pancakes can be rolled up, topped with fruit or just eaten with a little sugar and lemon. I’m only here to tell you how to make them, not how to eat them!

Pancake day is always a bit of an occasion in our house, because me and Mark simply can’t eat at many of the enticing crêperies that keep popping up nowadays. Even our favourite 100% gluten free and dairy free pancake place in Brighton is shutting down this pancake day! 🙁 But that’s why pancake day is so special to me and Mark… we finally get to eat gluten free pancakes that are dairy free and low FODMAP too! And where better to eat them than in your own home?

gluten free pancakes

This gluten free pancake recipe is incredibly simple to make and definitely something that is not just for pancake day in our house. Gluten free pancakes should be made all year round; they are far too delicious to make once a year. We have a little conveyor belt system for making gluten free pancakes… I make the gluten free pancake batter, then Mark fries the pancakes and whilst he does that I prepare all the delicious toppings. As you can see on this occasion peanut butter, banana and maple syrup was the ticket, but gluten free pancakes are really versatile and facilitate so many different low fodmap toppings. My homemade dairy free ‘nutella’ / low fodmap chocolate spread is perfect on gluten free pancakes too, click here for the recipe if that’s something you’d prefer!

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Gluten Free Pancakes
gluten free pancakes
  • 110 g Gluten Free Plain Flour
  • 2 Large Eggs
  • 230 ml Dairy Free Milk Your choice!
  • Oil or Dairy-free spread For frying
  • Your choice of toppings
  • 110 g Gluten Free Plain Flour
  • 2 Large Eggs
  • 230 ml Dairy Free Milk Your choice!
  • Oil or Dairy-free spread For frying
  • Your choice of toppings
gluten free pancakes
  1. Pour your gluten free plain flour into a mixing bowl.
  2. Crack in two large eggs and whisk / beat together until smooth.
  3. Gradually pour in your dairy free milk whilst whisking. Do this until you have a lovely thin gluten free pancake batter. Place in a jug ready to make your pancakes!
  4. Heat a little oil or dairy free spread in a frying pan, make sure the pan is nice and hot!
  5. Pour the batter evenly into your frying pan, and tilt the pan to ensure the entire base is covered.
  6. Fry on each side for around 30 seconds.
  7. Maybe a cheeky flip?!
  8. Repeat till you have enough pancakes for everyone.
  9. Top with fodmap friendly fruit such as bananas & blueberries, or whatever takes your fancy!
  10. Enjoy!
Recipe Notes

The toppings featured in this post are peanut butter, banana and maple syrup but whatever is your cuppa tea will do!

gluten free pancakes

It would be really interesting to know what your ultimate gluten free pancake toppings are. Do you keep it simple? Or, do you go all out with a full on indulgent feast?! I guess it’s just whatever floats your boat. Anyway, let me know by leaving a comment below, or on Facebook/Twitter.

Enjoy making these gluten free pancakes. Remember they are every bit as much dairy free pancakes too AND low fodmap – for me and Mark, the perfect combination! (Oh and also absolutely delicious!)

I hope to hear that some of you have attempted a few gluten free pancake flips!
Thanks for reading and watching,

Becky xxx

Goats Milk Gluten Free Savoury Pancakes with Cheese and Ham

These Goats Milk Gluten Free Savoury Pancakes are the answer to so many ‘what shall we have for brunch/lunch’ discussions. The creamy goats cheese sauce is quite simply dreamy and the gluten free pancakes recipe is perfect for both gluten free savoury pancakes and sweet pancakes alike.

February has always had a soft spot in my heart. Not because of Valentines Day (I mean when I was at school it was just a day that reaffirmed that nobody had a crush on me… that sounds depressing!), but because of Pancake Day or Shrove Tuesday!

Pancake Day was definitely one of the highlights of my year and if I’m honest it still would be now if it wasn’t for the fact that I eat gluten free pancakes all the time! For me, everyday should be Pancake Day!

Like most people I have always been a real sucker for sweet toppings/fillings on my pancakes, however in recent times with my stomach’s lack of tolerance to excessive sugar, I have opted for gluten free savoury pancakes.

I haven’t just got into gluten free savoury pancakes recently, I’ve also got into something completely new to me & I have fallen deeply in love with it… goats milk! (and goats cheese!!)

Anyway, this seemed like the perfect opportunity to combine my two new loves and create the ultimate… gluten free goats milk savoury pancakes!

For the pancake batter I used the St Helen’s Farm Whole Goats Milk, which was great to work with; the batter was lovely and thick and worked an absolute treat in the frying pan.

I’ve never really thought to try Goats Milk before, but Mark has, as it is a much better alternative for his lactose intolerant stomach – it’s a whole lot kinder than cow’s milk. Other members of my wider family live on Goats Milk for other reasons too, one being that they really enjoy the taste and the other actually being for helping with eczema… I really should have drunk goat’s milk when I was an eczema-covered child!

Right, back to the gluten free savoury pancakes! Toppings! Now when it comes to what I want on me savoury pancake, I think I really do go for everyone’s favourite…. Cheese and ham! However, I thought I would try and put a little bit of a twist on it!

A dreamy, creamy goats cheese sauce, made using the St Helen’s Farm whole goats milk, goats butter and mature goats cheese is seriously the greatest cheese sauce you will ever, ever indulge in. Go on… cover your savoury pancake with it!

Next up plenty of smoked ham, sun-dried tomatoes and more grated goats cheese… I really am obsessed with goats cheese at the minute, the mature goats cheese I’ve been having is strong like cheddar but somehow tastes even better (that rhymed, boom!).

I like to put my gluten free goats milk pancake under the grill very briefly at this point so the cheesiness can get even more gooey and golden. Then finish off with some chives – my ultimate herb of 2017 so far… they just taste like onion, without the dodgy stomach onion gives moi!

Honestly, I know when you think of pancakes so often you think of them covered in lemon and sugar or nutella, but seriously this recipe would make the perfect brunch, lunch or dinner, it’s an amazing way to eat pancakes and it’s also for me it was a great way to try out goats milk.

Gluten free goats milk savoury pancakes with ham & cheese
This gluten free savoury pancakes recipe is the perfect brunch, lunch or light dinner for everyone. The creamy goats cheese sauce alongside all the other toppings in just the best!
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  1. For the pancakes...
  2. * 55g gluten free plain flour
  3. * 1 medium egg
  4. * 140ml goats milk (I used whole goats milk but semi skimmed would work fine here too)
  5. For the cheese sauce
  6. * 25g goats butter
  7. * 25g gluten free plain flour
  8. * 225ml goats milk (whole milk is great here to make it super creamy)
  9. * 60g mature goats cheese, grated
  10. * salt and pepper
  11. Topping
  12. * handful of chives, finely chopped
  13. * 3-4 sun-dried tomatoes, chopped
  14. * a few slices of smoked ham
  15. * extra grated goats cheese
  16. * rocket for dressing
  1. 1) Firstly make the pancake mix. Whisk together your egg and goats milk and slowly pour into your gluten free flour.
  2. 2) Whisk the egg, flour and goats milk together into a batter until smooth.
  3. 3) For the goats cheese sauce melt the goats butter in a saucepan and whisk in the gluten free flour for about a minute.
  4. 4) Add your goats milk and whisk continuously whilst bringing it to the boil.
  5. 5) Once boiling, reduce the heat and allow to simmer for about 1 minute, until perfectly smooth and thick.
  6. 6) Remove from the heat, add your grated goats cheese & season. Put aside whilst you make your pancakes!
  7. 7) Heat a frying pan and add a little oil.
  8. 8) Once really hot add enough batter to cover your frying pan with a thin layer of batter. Cook for up to a minute on each side, until lightly golden.
  9. 9) Add some cheese sauce, smoked ham, sun-dried tomatoes and a little extra grated goats cheese and put the frying pan under the grill to finish off.
  10. 10) Keep your pancake warm whilst you make additional pancakes if necessary!
  11. 11) Add some chopped chives and serve each pancake with a little rocket.
  12. 12) Enjoy!
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Actually, thinking about it the gluten free goats milk pancakes themselves would work perfectly with sweet toppings too. So if you are looking for a gluten free pancake recipe for sweet toppings, I would recommend using goats milk in the batter too.

I will certainly be enjoying this at some point around Shrove Tuesday this year and you should too! If you do get the chance to give this recipe a try please let me know by leaving a comment below, or on Facebook/Twitter. Pancakes aside, seeing as I’m getting into using goats milk at the moment, has anyone got any recipes they would recommend? I’d love to know.

Thanks for reading,

Becky xxx


Gluten Free Pancakes from Genius Gluten Free

Gluten Free Pancakes are one of my favourite breakfasts, brunches & brinners! I love making my own, but sometimes buying some is easier… like these from Genius. Oh & also these gluten free pancakes are dairy free too – bingo!

gluten free pancakes
When I make pancakes at home I usually make crepe style pancakes, really thin, & lots of them. It becomes quite an occasion, as I stand over the frying pan making what seems like hundreds of gluten free pancakes for us to enjoy! I love doing it, but I also sometimes just love to be able to get in from an afternoon out shopping and indulge in a pancake.. or 5! We always make our pancakes both Gluten Free & Dairy Free so it is great to see that these gluten free pancakes are additionally dairy free. This is something that I really love about Genius as a brand – the amount of gluten free & dairy free products, not just one or the other.

Never eat these type of gluten free pancakes cold, its just not ok. You will never get the best out of them. Luckily you only need to slip them under a preheated grill for around 4 minutes, or, even more simply in the toaster for around 2 minutes! I mean, how easy do you want to make your delicious pancake time!

gluten free pancakes

On this occasion I decided to serve my gluten free pancakes (& what a stack I indulged in!) with maple syrup & fresh strawberries. I think this is definitely a winning combo for this style of pancake. The maple syrup soaked into the pancakes beautifully, making each mouthful even more delightful than the last. 
I definitely couldn’t tell that these were gluten free pancakes, I felt that their texture was very similar to that of regular pre-made pancakes. They are lovely and light to eat.

I often enjoy pancakes alongside other toppings such as a gluten free, dairy free & refined sugar free 3 ingredients homemade chocolate spread. I think that would be amazing spread all over these gluten free pancakes with lots of fresh banana slices!

Another topping I would recommend is making your own apple compote. I make mine simply from fresh apples, water & plenty of cinnamon! It works a treat with nuts (pecans!) on gluten free pancakes, so I would definitely recommend that too!

gluten free pancakes

Basically these gluten free pancakes from Genius are a must try in my opinion. They are definitely for you if you used to love the ready made pancakes that you can just shove in the toaster. They are perfect if you need a quick snack, you definitely don’t need to have a huge stack like me… though I would TOTALLY recommend it! I grabbed mine in Asda recently for £2 (a pack of 6 pancakes that’s for), & I’m sure they also are sold in Waitrose.

Let me know if you get the chance to try Genius’s gluten free pancakes. Also please let me know your favourite types of pancakes… (thin, fat, using different flours?!) oh & of course your favourite toppings! Just leave a comment below, or on Facebook/Twitter.

Thanks for reading,

Becky xxx