The Ultimate Allergy & Free From Show Bucket List

The Allergy & Free From Show is back on tour yet again with their Scotland appearance coming up rapidly on the 11-12th of March at the Glasgow SECC. This got me thinking… why isn’t there an ultimate Allergy & Free From Show bucket list?!

Being an Allergy & Free From Show veteran myself, I thought I’d help everyone out by compiling my own bucket list of everything you need to do when attending The Allergy Show! I’d hate to think that people could go to The Allergy & Free From Show and miss out so many of the little things that make it so memorable for me and Mark. These are the things that always keep us coming back every year! Some of these range in difficulty but don’t let that put you off – I expect 100% completion!

1. Arrive at The Allergy Show early and queue up before the doors have even opened.

2. Pick up a free show bag and search the contents immediately.

3. Try three different types of gluten free bread and congratulate the best brand by going back for seconds.

4. Meet the owner/founder of a big free from brand in person (selfie optional).


I met Kirsty of Kirsty’s!


5. Pick up a show programme and circle all the stands that you must visit.

6. Discover a new free from product/brand you’ve never tried.

7. Awkwardly decline a free sample because you’re “just too full.”

8. Stand and watch in amazement as some guy demonstrates the world’s greatest mop (no really, you have to see it to believe it).

9. Pick up a new free from cooking tip by watching a cooking demo.

10. Consume the equivalent of an entire cake in hundreds of tiny samples.

11. Be brave enough to ask a question at the end of an enlightening talk at the learning centre.

12. Try three different types of sausage and reward the victor by taking some home for tonight’s dinner.

13. Grant yourself the title of ‘Free From Pizza Judge’ and sample every slice of pizza available.

14. Frantically cheer after hearing a mind-blowing live performance courtesy of The Allergy Show’s house band, Dodo Bones (autograph optional).

Allergy & Free From Show London

Who knew that The Allergy & Free From Show sounded so good?

15. Pick up a free from product at a discount through a special show price offer.

16. Plan to attend a talk at the learning centre at a specific time and then actually remember to do so (difficulty: hard).

17. Be the first person to instigate a round of applause at the end of a cookery demo or learning centre talk.

18. Find a supermarket’s stand and try something that’s not even in the free from aisles yet.

19. Win a free from product through spinning a wheel (winning a quiz also acceptable)

20. Sample a dish made during a cooking demonstration.

21. Leave your friend/other half behind to wait with the bags as you’ve now purchased too many things to reasonably carry.

22. Meet the author of a free from cookery book (signed copy optional).


Yep, I met THE Ms. Cupcake!

23. Find the brand with the most creative looking stand and congratulate them on their sheer awesomeness.

24. Enter a competition by signing up to a brand’s mailing list (bonus points if you actually end up winning).

25. Try something that’s been freshly prepared at the show for you (I usually go for pizza or a sausage roll!)

26. Find a brand that’s appeared on Dragon’s Den before (additional points if you then explain to them where they went wrong.)

27. Discover a local free from brand that you can’t believe you’ve never known about until now.

28. Tweet a selfie at the show and get it retweeted by The Allergy Show official Twitter account.


Hi @AllergyShow. Please RT????

29. Try a sample of gluten free beer and wonder why free beer just never caught on.

30. Pick up one of the many awesome free from baking mixes available for your next baking session.

31. Pretend you’ve just had a strong shot of vodka when knocking back a sample of dairy free milk from a small, plastic shot glass.

32. Make sure you’re snapped in a photo by one of the official show photographers.

33. Actually remember to buy all those frozen free from products you wanted just before going home (difficulty: very hard).

34. Only leave the show once you hear someone announce that it will be closing over the tannoy.

35. Come back for the second day and do it all over again!

Well that’s that then! To be honest, if you manage to even do half of my bucket list, I’ll probably still give you a high 5! If you’re up for my bucket list challenge then you can use my link to get free tickets to The Allergy Show for the price of absolutely zilch. Now you have no excuse 🙂

Did I miss anything off my bucket list? What’s your favourite thing to do at The Allergy & Free From Show? Please leave me a comment below letting me know so I can add it to the list! I hope you have fun at the show and do make sure you let me know how far you got through my bucket list! Here’s a video I made at The Allergy & Free From Show in London last year… can you count how many tasks I ticked off from my bucket list just in this video?!

Thanks for reading,

Becky xxx

5 Reasons You Need To Be At The Allergy & Free From Show Scotland 2017

Wow, where does the time go? It’s time for the The Allergy & Free From Show Scotland 2017 already! Whether you’re a seasoned Allergy Show veteran or a first timer, here’s my top 5 Reasons You Need To Be At The Allergy & Free From Show Scotland 2017.

Hosted at the SECC in Glasgow on the 11-12th of March, pretty much the entire world of free from will be waiting for you under one roof. Brands you love, brands you’ll grow to love and a genuinely fun and exciting day out awaits you. Need a little more convincing? Here you go!

1. Sample new free from delights before anybody else!



There will be a ton of free from brands at The Allergy & Free From Show Scotland and they’ll all be showcasing the latest and greatest in their range of their free from products. You know what that means, right? You get to try them! Genius Foods and Tesco are particularly awesome at putting on a wide range of samples for us all to try, some of which aren’t even available in supermarkets yet. If that doesn’t get your pulse racing, then I don’t know what will!

2. Discover new free from brands.



Of course, we all have our fave free from brands and products, but The Allergy & Free From Show Scotland has a bunch of amazing smaller brands that you won’t necessarily find in your supermarket free from aisle. It’s been so lovely to watch so many wonderful small brands grow to the point where they start popping up in supermarkets… but for me, I always found them first at The Allergy & Free From Show! The Scotland show is also especially worth visiting because of the wonderful variety of local Scottish brands it attracts.

3. Watch and learn.


This year, The Allergy & Free From Show Scotland will have a bunch of different cooking demonstrations courtesy of Dove’s Farm Kitchen. These short bursts of culinary works of art are quick and easy to make, whether you’re a beginner or an expert. If you’ve ever wanted to brush up on your free from cooking skills them now’s the chance! Just make sure you stick around to try the dish at the end 🙂

4. Genius are hosting the show!


As Genius Foods are based in Scotland, they’ll be sponsoring the event which means it’ll be heaven for any Genius fanatic! Founder of Genius Foods, Lucinda Bruce-Gardyne is often on hand giving cooking demos and answering any free from questions you may have. Of course, it usually means lots of tasters of Genius’ delicious gluten free crumpets, muffins, pancakes and more! If you’re lucky, they might even do you a hot gluten free sausage roll!

5. Tickets are totally free…


I felt like saving the best until last here… and since I like you, you can use my link to get free tickets! Now you have no excuse not to go, right?! It’s at the SECC in Glasgow on the 11-12th of March, so if you’re local or you fancy a little adventure, then please, please, please make sure you go check it out. It’s the best free from day you can have out!

Well… what are you waiting for?! But seriously, it’s such a fun show and me and Mark really have a great time every time we go. Not only is there a bunch of great products and brands on show, but you won’t find people more passionate about free from outside of The Allergy & Free From Show. If you wanna find out more info then go check out The Allergy & Free From Show Scotland website for more info. Got any questions about the show? Leave a comment below and I’ll gladly fill you in!

Thanks for reading,

Becky xxx 

7 Things I loved at The Allergy & Free From Show London 2016

So The Allergy & Free From Show London is one of the highlights of my year. I literally love it. This year was no exception & I must admit I am actually sitting here, a little devastated its over. That’s why I decided to create this post! I just wanted to relive the parts of The Allergy & Free From Show London 2016 that I loved the most. Although, reading back over the post now, I have missed out a ton… there is so much to say!

Allergy & Free From Show London

1) It’s not just the Allergy & Free From Show

The Allergy & Free From Show London co-locates with two other shows. So in the same massive hall you get the Allergy & Free From Show, The Just V Show & the Love Natural, Love You Show. In the past I haven’t really ventured too far into the other shows, but this year I decided to check them out. So glad that I did, so many amazing brands, many of which could be in the Allergy & Free From Zone too. So, what are the other two shows about?

The Just V Show

Allergy & Free From Show London

The Just V Show claims to be a show for those who are vegetarian, vegan or just simply those looking to reduce their meat intake. For me it’s not about any of these, instead what I love most about this show is the selection of dairy free products that on offer for Mark. There are literally tons of dairy free cheeses & vegan bakery stands (many of which are gluten free too – but always check!). For me, when it came to the Just V area I would recommend Follow Your Heart – for some delicious dairy free cheeses, vegan bleu cheese salad dressing and a really clever vegan egg concept. I would also recommend Rubys of London for some of the most amazing gluten free and vegan cakes. They are not only delicious but they are beautiful too. Gluten free donuts, gluten free cakes, gluten free cupcakes and gluten free brownies. Seriously Ruby has got it covered. 

Love Natural Love You Show

Allergy & Free From Show London

The Love Natural Love You Show, is exactly what you would expect, a show dedicated to us. A show that aims to bring the best out of you. Before this year I have never paid much attention to this show at all; I mean, I know I want to be the best that I can be, but I didn’t feel that going for a day to a show in London would give me the opportunity to be my best. However, the show exceeded all my expectations with so many amazing free from food brands with great messages behind them. For me the brands I really liked in this section included Squirrel Sisters (delicious snack bars), Frill (frozen vegan smoothie, it tastes super creamy & refreshing) & Oppo Ice Cream (an ice cream with a much lower sugar level, the flavours are amazeballs – it does contain dairy though). Oh & I almost forgot Mark was quite a fan of the True Nopal Cactus Water (strange as it might seem, it’s really good!).

2) Meeting people behind the show & the brands

Allergy & Free From Show London

This is probably what I truly do love about the show the most & what makes me sad it’s over at the end of every show. The folk that organise all 3 shows are amazing humans. They work so hard, and have such a passion to make sure the show goes perfectly. But obviously it’s not just the organisers… all the brands that come to the show have an amazing group of individuals behind them. There are so many super passionate people at The Allergy & Free From Show who put their whole lives into making sure those of us with allergens & intolerances have delicious food we can eat. I couldn’t possibly name anyone, because there are so many wonderful people at the show, who I am proud to call my friends now. Seriously, one of the best things you can do at an Allergy & Free From Show is to go up and get chatting to the people behind the brands… from the supermarket giants to the tiny start-ups, there are inspirational people everywhere who really want to chat to you too!

3) Trying new free from products

Allergy & Free From Show London

Of course this is one of the most exciting things about visiting the Allergy & Free From Show, especially the London show as there are SO MANY products on offer. You are bound to discover products that you have never tried or even heard of before. This was definitely the case for me this year.

For me some of the NEW highlights were definitely:

  • Bfree Sweet Potato Wraps – brought some home as they tasted amazing!
  • Nomad Health Gluten Free Pasta
  • Nutri-brex Coconut & Rice
  • Rule of Crumb Gluten Free Chocolate & Salted Caramel Profiteroles
  • Well & Truly…. something new is on the horizon which I guarantee will be Well & Truly awesome!
  • Violife… new dairy free cheeses. Think dairy free blue cheese, dairy free feta cheese etc!
  • Isabels FRESH Gluten Free Pasta
  • Condensed Soya Milk (from Ananda Foods)
  • Loving Earth Chocolate

Allergy & Free From Show London

But I mean, this is really the tip of the iceberg, there will be so many more products at the shows that potentially some of you might not of seen before. Plenty of amazing brands that for one reason or another haven’t got their big break in a supermarket… yet their products are phenomenal. Until you visit the Allergy & Free From Show many folk seem to think that the only gluten free/ free from food in existence is what you see on your local supermarket shelf… well those folk would be wrong. The show opens your eyes to so much more. That alone is worth it.

4) Meeting people you ‘know’ but you don’t ‘know’!

Allergy & Free From Show London

Another thing I love about the Allergy & Free From Show is not just meeting the people behind the brands but also meeting so many people who are attending like you & me! Each Allergy & Free From Show London we have a bloggers meet-up where lots of different free from food bloggers get together to have a chatter. Many of us have heard of & read each others blogs online, yet we have not met in person! So it’s great to finally get to meet people that I feel like I am already friends with. Equally I got the chance to speak to loads of people at the show who just came up to me because they enjoy reading my blog. (many selfies were requested, I don’t know why but hey!) Whether you’re a blogger, thinking of starting one or just love reading them, the blogger meet-ups at the Allergy & Free From Show are lots of fun. The show really is a great place to make friends… friends with common interests & common diets – perfect!

4a) Amazing MUSIC!

Allergy & Free From Show London

Just had to slot this in here, because this was actually one of the best parts of the Allergy & Free From Show London this year for me. Dodo Bones – an amazing band with a ridiculously talented lead singer (Robbyn from The Allergy & Free From Show events team!). The Doves Farm Social corner this year was really great, featuring chats, book signings and amazing music. I’ve already made a future request for Dodo Bones to play at an event of mine…. I meant it too!

5) The talks & workshops… well worth a listen.

Allergy & Free From Show London

I actually found the talks and recipe demonstrations across the 3 shows really interesting this year. I’ve never really paid much attention to them before besides the odd IBS talk (always brill with Nick Reed), however I found plenty of the talks incredibly inspiring this year. I found a lot of the talks incredibly relatable & from individuals who were really real and down to earth. It was very refreshing. They all spoke so well & so passionately too. I appreciate that having talks from credible qualified doctors and nutritionists is important but I really loved listening to those who just have a passion for food and positivity in life. Many of the speakers I have since looked up & have found them online… I’m definitely going to start following them on social media 🙂

6) I love branding, marketing & packaging!

allergy & free from show london

I don’t know if it’s just me but I absolutely love looking at the improvements in free from packaging over the years. The branding and marketing has improved so much since I first started eating a gluten free diet. Back in the beginning everything I bought looked so clinical. With the ever expanding selection of brands, how products are marketed can really make such a difference. Obviously a product that ticks all the free from products & tastes amazing is likely going to do great regardless but branding really makes up a huge proportion of a potential buyers decision making process. If something catches your eye, you are more likely to go & explore the product & give it a chance. There is some brill art work, some clever phrases & some great imagery. I know lots of people aren’t all that bothered by the marketing & branding of products, but for some reason at the show, I get as excited about the well designed packaging as I do the taste of the product! (Yes, I’m strange!)

7) My favourite brands!

Allergy & Free From Show London

Yes, I know I’ve mentioned those behind the brands & also new products BUT what about just the brands that I LOVE that I want to shout about at The Allergy & Free From Show. The brands that I feel like giving a shout out to. That’s not to say that I don’t love other brands just as much, but seeing as it’s the end of a very long weekend I’m pretty tired – forgive me if I don’t mention everything I love!

Allergy & Free From Show London

So the brands that I’m going to give a shout out to today are:

Artisan Gluten Free – the best Gluten Free bakery in London.
Cocoa Libre – the most delicious & fun gluten, dairy & nut free chocolate, chocolate penguins are the ones.
Free From Market – my online free from supermarket of choice, so many products & the best delivery around too.
Gratify – oh my, my favourite snacks at work, I love them, they are so frickin addicitive.
Make it Gluten Free – massive fan of their mixes, the pancake mix is amazing, almond flour the key ingredient.
Nutri-brex – change of name but still delicious! Maybe more so with the new coconut & crispy rice variant.
Rule of Crumb – the most amazing gluten free crispy breaded chicken you will find EVER. You can tell the difference.
Venice Bakery UK – pizza base heaven. simple as that.
Well & Truly – one of my favourite new gluten free brands of the past year. I love their tortilla chips so much.
WOW Cake Company – the best gluten free cake mix around, the only one I will use over making my own from scratch.

Allergy & Free From Show London


I’d be great to chat to you guys if you went to the show this year, what you liked most about it. What were your highlights? Did you go to any of the talks or recipe demos? Did you discover any products that blew your mind? Is there anything you would change about the show? Drop a comment below or on Facebook/Twitter. But let’s just pause for a moment and appreciate The Allergy & Free From Show… see you in Liverpool & Glasgow.. oh & next July is London! 

Allergy & Free From Show London

Thanks for reading,

Becky xxx

Tesco’s Free From Picnic!

If you’ve been obsessively checking your local free from aisle like I have over the last year, you’ll have noticed how much it just keeps on expanding! My local Tescos has expanded its range phenomenally and I was excited to be invited to taste test their brand new range.

Some of the new Tesco products that’ve been popping up lately have just totally blown my mind. The free from aisle used to just be ‘the essentials’, but lately we seem to be getting so many of the luxuries and frills that we’ve been missing out on for so long. I’ve now lost count of how many packs of tiger rolls I’ve picked up and how many times I’ve wished my Birthday was sooner… just so I could have an excuse to eat an entire Carl The Caterpillar of course!

That’s why I was over the moon to be invited to the Tesco free from picnic at The Allergy & Free From Show HQ! I was joined by my fellow bloggers Vicki and Nathalie who were just as excited as I was to taste test some of the new products and compare notes. The best part was however… you guys can join me too! It was all filmed and you can watch me (awkwardly) munch through some tasty treats! Just click play on the video above or click here to watch it on YouTube. I hopefully didn’t speak with my mouth full!


If you’d like to get the chance to taste test all of Tesco’s new products, why not head down to London on the 8th-10th of July for The Allergy & Free From Show? Tescos will be exhibiting with all their best products and it’s usually the best place to get a sneaky taste of their brand new products too! Since I’m obviously so kind, I’ll even give you a ticket to The Allergy & Free From Show for free! Just make sure you save a slice of Carl The Caterpillar for me as payment 🙂

I’ve had such a great time being a part of Tescos free from picnic and I hope you’ll enjoy watching it! Hopefully I’ll see you all at The Allergy & Free From Show in London next month.


Becky xxx



What is The Allergy & Free From Show all about?!

The biggest event for Free From Foods & Allergies in Europe.. that’s The Allergy & Free From Show! If you haven’t been before, here is what you’re missing out on!

So The Allergy & Free From Show occurs every year… numerous times & in lots of different locations! It’s an amazing day/weekend out, & the perfect place to discover lots of amazing products that will help ensure you live the happiest free from life possible. Whether you need gluten free, dairy free, nut free, egg free, soya free etc, there is plenty out there for you.

It’s a great place to not only sample & buy great free from products, it’s also a place where you can learn lots about the allergen & free from world too. With plenty of talks, workshops & cooking demonstrations; you will definitely return from the free from show a much happier & better free from educated person!

If you have or haven’t been before, please check out my video above to see exactly what The Allergy & Free From Show is all about & what those who have visited thought of it! If you have any questions relating to the show just leave a comment below, or on Facebook/Twitter. Or why not check out my 10 reasons to visit The Allergy & Free From Show post!

Thanks for watching/reading,

Becky xxx

My Gluten Free Food Haul – Allergy and Free From Show North! (Part 2)

I love gluten free food. I really, really do! I also love showing some of my favourite brands to you! & what better way to do this than to create my own gluten free food haul! For Part 1… click here!

Make sure if you like this video you go and subscribe to my YouTube Channel for plenty more videos just like this one. Without further ado… here is my gluten free food haul from The Allergy & Free From Show North… Part 2! 

Oh and here is a little bit about all the brands I have featured in this video. If you haven’t tried some of these out, I urge you to go on the hunt for them; it will definitely be worth your while!

1) Udis

gluten free bagel chips

I have been a massive Udis Gluten Free fan for a while now. I mean, their Bagel Chips are to die for! I recently picked up their free from tortilla chips which have a real kick to them – I have actually fallen in love with them! Their gluten free hot dog rolls are another winner for me… I miss having hot dogs in the right shaped rolls!

2) Better Life Bakery

gluten free food haul

Always loved the Better Life Bakery, but this year a massive shout out goes to their gluten free rock road & gluten free coconut mountainous macaroons (better than Mrs Crimbles!!!) Super friendly gluten free brand too… the pork pies are delicious!

3) Amy’s Kitchen

amy's kitchen

Amy’s Kitchen quite literally do the best gluten free tomato soup around. I love it and it certainly doesn’t taste like it’s come out of a tin! The entire Amy’s Kitchen range is really varied, there is definitely something for everyone in Amy’s Kitchen!

4) Newburn Bakehouse

Newburn Bakehouse has recently got a massive thumbs up from me in terms of their gluten free bread. It seems to have improved a great deal with fewer slices than ever having holes in them! It also tastes great! But now they have created an even better loaf… a white sourdough loaf!

5) Bakels

If you are looking for a gluten free bread mix rather than a pre-made loaf I would advise giving Bakels Gluten Free Bread mixes a try. Trust me, the bread keeps a lot fresher for longer than most gluten free bread & it’s so simple to make!

6) Perkier

gluten free food haul

Completely love the re-brand of Perkier recently. Though I miss the gluten free rocky road & gluten free tiffin, the new superfood, nutritious style bars definitely keep me feeling perkier for longer!

7) Free From Italy – Le Conserve della Nonna

Gluten Free & Dairy Free Pesto that tastes as good as if I’d made it myself, BUT you don’t have to make it yourself! I seriously love this fresh tasting dairy free pesto; it creates such a delicious, quick meal.

8) Tesco Free From

Good ol’ Tesco have created a delicious free from range of Christmas products this year. From gluten free mince pies that are also dairy free, to gluten free profiteroles! The profiteroles are ridiculously good (& available all year round!).

9) Angelic Gluten Free

A delicious mix of sweet & savoury biscuits from Angelic Gluten Free was an amazing discovery at the show. Another plus point is that they are all dairy free and egg free too! Being quite the savoury biscuit lover, the tomato & Mediterranean herb crackers were my favourite! Don’t forget the chocolate chip too though! 

10) Mummybakes

gluten free food haul

Quite simply one of the VERY BEST brands ever. Mummybakes is gluten free NOT goody free. She creates the most amazing treats all year round. My personal favourites are the gluten free cinnamon buns. But the entire range of cakes, biscuits & bakes that Mummybakes creates is delicious. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!


There you have it part TWO of My Gluten Free Food Haul! I have been discovering such amazing free from products recently that I just had to share some of them with you. Have you tried any of these brands? What’s your favourite? Let me know by leaving a comment below, or on Facebook/Twitter.

Remember to check out PART 1 of My Gluten Free Food Haul too, it’s jam packed full of delicious gluten free brands you may/may not know about! Click here for the post OR click here for the video!

Thanks for reading & most importantly, thanks for watching!

Becky xxx

My Gluten Free Food Haul – Allergy and Free From Show North! (Part 1)

It’s amazing how many gluten free brands exist these days, it makes me all excited! I thought I would share with you a few of my favourites in a gluten free food haul!

Make sure if you like this video you go and subscribe to my YouTube Channel for plenty more videos just like this one. Without further ado… here is my gluten free food haul from The Allergy & Free From Show North… Part 1!

1) Delicious Alchemy 

Delicious Alchemy has created a delicious new mix, especially for Christmas! A gluten free & dairy free Christmas Cake Mix that everyone can enjoy.

2) Isabels 

Isabels gluten free Gravy Mix is perfect for every roast dinner. The gluten free Yorkshire Pudding Mix is not just amazing for yorkshire puds but also for gluten free waffles, just make the mixture up and put it into a waffle maker. The gluten free Donut Mix is a great choice too… it’s dairy free and you really can create the perfect gluten free jam donuts with it.

3) Schär

gluten free food haul

The new Schär range is amazing. I love the choices available. My favourites are Chocolix & the Gluten Free & Lactose Free Pizza.

4) Kirsty’s Kids’ Kitchen 

Have always had a soft spot for Kirsty’s gluten free ready meals. They are delicious & wholesome – it is nice to have a ready meal that is free from and also healthy. Whats cool about Kirsty’s recently though is that she has brought out a new range, Kids’ Kitchen so that children can also enjoy healthy free from ready meals! (Or me at lunch time!)

5) Feel Free for Gluten Free

gluten free food haul

At The Allergy and Free From Show North, Feel Free were selling hot fresh gluten free donuts. They were the BEST! Plus you can buy them in shops & cook them fresh. I highly recommend!

6) Wow Cake Company 

I am a massive fan of CAKE! After trying many samples at The Allergy and Free From Show I can guarantee these mixes are amazing. I am stupidly excited to try out the gluten free carrot cake mix for myself. New gluten free brands like the Wow Cake Company are great to support, especially when they are so tasty!

7) Allergy Adventures

Allergy Adventures is something completely different. No eating involved… it’s all about learning. I absolutely fell in love with the concept recently even if it’s not really made for me. (& I’m definitely not just saying this… it seriously is so cool!) Basically, there are so many little ones who have allergies & intolerances that sadly affect their everyday life. Allergy Adventures is a whole concept of trying (& definitely succeeding!) to make learning about your allergies at a young age FUN! There’s books, workshops, posters, videos.. if you don’t know about this and you have young ones.. you must check it out.

8) Voakes

gluten free food haul

If you like Pork Pies and Sausage Rolls as much as I do then I would say that Voakes is definitely a brand you need to try out. I was so glad to see them at the show as I have been fans of their gluten free and dairy free pies for a while.

9) Just: Gluten Free Bakery

Another brand I absolutely love is Just: Gluten Free Bakery. I have been eating their gluten free bread for well over a year now & loving it. They make the perfect gluten free brioche burger buns which I had to grab a packet of!


There you have it part ONE of My Gluten Free Food Haul! I have been discovering such amazing free from products recently that I just had to share some of them with you. Have you tried any of these brands? What’s your favourite? Let me know by leaving a comment below, or on Facebook/Twitter.

Remember part TWO of My Gluten Free Food Haul is here too… just click here to view!

Thanks for reading & most importantly, thanks for watching!

Becky xxx

Free From Show Liverpool Review 2014

So as I am sure many of you are aware it was The Free From Show Liverpool last weekend, a convention that showcases the latest in gluten, dairy free and vegan foods!

Now I live up North there was no way I would miss it. So Mark and myself set off on the train from Manchester and arrived around lunchtime; perfectly hungry for all the free samples that surrounded us!

The Free From Show Liverpool Howard Middleton

Oh & I got to meet Howard Middleton from last years Great British Bake Off!

As expected the convention centre was absolutely heaving. I often find people complain about the sheer amount of ‘human cattle’ getting in each other’s way at this type of event. However, we really should think… the more the merrier. Without the support, many of our small free from brands might not exist – it is a tough market to compete in and The Free From Show Liverpool is a great opportunity to meet new people!

The show gave me the opportunity to speak to some favourite brands and meet some new ones that excited me. It was also great to see some of more established brands bringing out some new products too at The Free From Show Liverpool.

I can’t say that everything I desire was there… I really would love a greater variety of gluten & dairy free baked goods such as croissants and Danish pastries. Additionally, there was a distinct lack of the tasty guys from Pudology and Heck Sausages milling about. I would also mention there was only a very small amount of dairy free cheeses on offer which was disappointing for Mark. At The Allergy and Free From Show in London earlier this year, dairy free cheese was in abundance, thanks to the Vegan Show running alongside it.

However, overall the show did what it said on the tin and was a great day out. I came away with lots of goodies that I will aim to review over time. I highly recommend The Free From Show Liverpool to anyone considering it.

I’ve decided, as there were so many great brands at the show this year to give you a post containing my top four discoveries as a result of The Free From Show Liverpool and another post containing brief highlights of many of the brands I have come across before. Both will be well worth a read as there were some great things going on at the show.

I hope you find them informative and look out for some more product reviews from the show over the coming weeks.

Thanks for reading,

Love Becky xxx

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The Allergy Show Liverpool! New Gluten Free Brands 2014

The Allergy Show Liverpool is a great place to discover some new and exciting brands, so I can’t wait to head to Liverpool this weekend for The Allergy and Free From Show North.

As somebody who cannot eat gluten, when I find a new recipe, a new restaurant or a new gluten free brand I get more excited than I once did on Christmas Day. So as I’m sure you can imagine, The Allergy Show Liverpool is just too good to pass on!

If you want to read about my top picks for the Liverpool Show then click here. This blog post however is going to contain a couple of brands from The Allergy Show Liverpool that I am really excited to come into contact with for the very first time. I will of course let you know what I think after the weekend, but I couldn’t contain my excitement beforehand!

The Allergy Show Liverpool Feel Free for Gluten Free

Feel Free For Gluten Free
Now this brand has been around for quite a while but from what I can see 2014 has been a great year for Feel Free For Gluten Free. Their range of products is huge and beyond exciting. You’ve got to check it out for yourselves, click here to see. What excites me most about Feel Free For Gluten Free is their vast frozen range. If you fancy something Italian they offer Beef Cannelloni and Ravioli, if you’re more into your Asian foods they offer Samosas and Spring Rolls. Or if you have a sweet tooth there are Apple Crumble Pies, Lemon Meringue Pies and….. DONUTS! What I have just listed in only a snippet of the many products Feel Free For Gluten Free offer, but that alone is exciting, right?!
I really cannot wait to try out some of their products this weekend and hopefully come away with some great gluten free goodies as well.
I will be sure to let you know how I get on!

The Allergy Show Liverpool When It's Scone It's Gone!

When it’s Scone it’s Gone!
Having a clever brand name is always a good idea or else I would not have even noticed this brand on the website earlier today! I am so glad I checked them out and am very excited to check out some of their delicious baked goods this weekend!
All their baked goods are gluten free, and many are free from other allergens as well. From Chest-bursting Belgium Chocolate Cakes to Chicken Saag Pasties, there is something for everyone. And of course the Scones look great too!
When it’s Scone it’s Gone has a bakery based in Warwickshire but you can also buy much of their baked goods online which is great news for those of us not so close by. Furthermore all goods can be frozen so if you want to buy a little extra at a time you can just pop your goods in the freezer!
I really can’t wait to discover this little bakery at The Allergy Show Liverpool this weekend, I hope not all their Scones will be Gone!

Let me know if there are any other smaller or less well known gluten free brands I might like… I’m always on the hunt!
Can’t wait for this weekend now!

Thanks for reading,

Love Becky xxx

Free From Show London Highlights 2014 – Part 3

So just like last year Mark and I returned to Free From Show London at Olympia in 2014.

Free From Show LondonI know this was a few weeks ago now but I thought why not just do a brief overview of some of the things that caught my eye at The Free From Show London if you didn’t get down there! Here is Part 3. Make sure you check out Part 1 and Part 2 as well!



We decided to have a Smooze each as we were seriously getting dehydrated on a very hot day in the exhibition centre at The Free From Show London. As their website says, Smooze are simple, just coconut milk and fruit, frozen. I chose the Pink Guava & Coconut Flavour and Mark chose the Pineapple & Coconut one. Both of these were so delicious we went back for another before we left. Of course dairy and gluten free and very yummy!

soft sage

Soft Sage
Now this must be one of my favourite new finds at The Free From Show London. Soft Sage have launched a delicious range of gluten and dairy free dough balls. The dough balls are made with cassava flour and come frozen. I especially liked the garlic dough balls. I must say I more than sampled these little balls of joy at Free From Show London and will definitely be purchasing some very very soon!

Ten Acre Crisps
We have started seeing Ten Acre Crisps in a local café we go to fairly regularly and I have always said how much I love the flavour names. For example: “The Story of When Cheese Met the Onion” and “How Chicken Soup Saved the Day”. All the flavours are gluten free, dairy free and vegan. I think Ten Acre Crisps speak for themselves when they say:

“With Ten Acre, you’ll not only enjoy delicious, crunchy crisps which are sure to tantalise your taste buds, you’ll also be taken on an exciting and whimsical journey, meeting an array of interesting characters along the way…”

We came away with a few packets, need I say more… scrummy! It’s one of our faves from The Free From Show London 2014!

coconut colab

The Coconut Collaborative
Now you might think The Coconut Collaborative look like a completely new company, however you would be wrong. The Coconut Collaborative are in fact the rebranded… Bessant and Drury – the creators of the amazing frozen coconut desserts. The Coconut Collaborative had a selection of their dairy free yoghurts to try at The Free From Show London and I was thoroughly impressed. The new branding is fresh, the flavour of the raspberry one was strong and the texture lovely and thick. I would highly recommend giving The Coconut Collaborative yoghurts a try. If you come across the Frozen Coconut Desserts on Bessant and Drury in Tescos or Waitrose too, I would advise you give them a try too, they are excellent.


Now we all know Udi’s. Their products are everywhere, the variety of bagels, breads and muffins is vast which is great for those on a gluten free diet. However, the only thing I wanted to mention from The Free From Show London about Udi’s was their new Chocolate Flavour Sandwich Cookies! Essentially these are Oreos. I have seen gluten free Oreo style cookies in quite a few supermarkets now but what is special about these ones is that they are dairy free too! Mark could not get enough of these and as soon as we see them in our local supermarket I am sure the kitchen cupboards will be stacked high!

venice bakery

Venice Bakery
Venice Bakery oh how we love Venice Bakery! Check out a previous post I wrote on them last year here. The pizza bases are the very best gluten and dairy free ones I have used at home. They are really thin and crisp and make delicious pizza and garlic bread. At The Free From Show London similarly to last year the Venice Bakery stand was incredibly busy as they constantly produced fresh hot pizza samples for us all to try! Not only was the pizza base delicious but Venice Bakery collaborated with MozzaRisella – a lactose free, vegan cheese. The cheese tasted great and myself and Mark will definitely be buying some to put on our Venice Pizza bases next time we make our own! MozzaRisella is not only lactose free, but also not made from soya; it is made from Italian brown rice, germinated with spring water – a really healthy and safe alternative for all intolerants!

The Allergy Show London Highlights 2014 – Part 2

So just like last year Mark and I returned to The Allergy Show London at Olympia in 2014.

The Allergy Show LondonI know this was a few weeks ago now but I thought why not just do a brief overview of some of the things that caught my eye if you didn’t get down there! Here is Part 2. Make sure you check out Part 1 and Part 3 as well!


Heck Gluten Free Sausages
Heck sausages have been close to my heart for the last year and continue to support every single sausage they create! It was my first time trying the Smoky Chorizo Style sausage this year and I loved it. I love the strong and different flavour it has to your standard sausage. Definitely keep your eyes peeled for them alongside my other favourite, the Chicken Italia.

Big shout out to Inspiral! I love the Inspiral Café in Camden, if you haven’t been you must go! At The Allergy Show London what I loved the most about Inspiral was their delicious raw dessert pots which were lovingly fed to us by a member of the Inspiral team. Go down to Inspiral and hope he is there and you’ll have a great day. Also I must thank Inspiral for selling huge coconuts with straws sticking out of them. Upon purchasing one I was asked at least 10 times where I got my coconut from, so I hope I directed everyone correctly to Inspiral!


Kabuto Noodles
Now I found this really exciting at the The Allergy Show London. Kabuto Noodles are from this summer going to be doing instant gluten free rice noodles in chicken and miso flavours. On reflection I wonder why I am so excited by this as I have never eaten a pot noodle or had any desire to, but these really are delicious. Unlike other instant noodles Kabuto Noodles are made with no additives or preservatives and they genuinely taste amazing with just a little water from the kettle. I will definitely be having a couple of these in the cupboard for when I really have no time to cook for myself, a tasty life saver is the only life saver I want to consume!


I love Kirsty’s. I think they are by far the best gluten and dairy free chilled meals I have ever tried at The Allergy Show London. I have bought them numerous times over the last year from Sainsburys and am a big fan. As a fan of any food with rice I have to say the Spanish Chicken with Brown Rice and the Chicken Tikka Masala with Brown Rice are my two favourites. If you haven’t checked out Kirsty’s before I would definitely recommend giving them a try!


Who doesn’t love a bit of Pudology? A pudding that is both gluten and dairy free but still somehow feels very authentically indulgent… that’s certainly something that tickles my taste buds. I still stand by the fact my favourite is the Banoffee Pudding and I would love for them to try an all out plain banana pudding one day. If you haven’t had a chance to grab a Pudology yet, make sure you do but don’t tell anyone else until you’ve finished or they’ll steal the lot! One of my faves from The Allergy Show London! Click here for a past review from the blog on Pudology’s Chocolate Pudding.

rebel kitchen

Rebel Kitchen
Mark and I both love Rebel Kitchen. We both love Banana ‘Mylk’ and we both love the packaging that Rebel Kitchen have created. Packaging goes a long way these days and they really have hit the right button with this one. All their drinks are dairy free as they are made with coconut ‘mylk’ and from going on their site I see a Snacks section that says ‘Coming Soon’, so keep your eyes, ears and mouths peeled for that!

The Allergy and Free From Show London Highlights 2014 – Part 1

So just like last year Mark and I returned to The Allergy and Free From Show London at Olympia in 2014.

The Allergy and Free From Show LondonI know this was a few weeks ago now but I thought why not just do a brief overview of some of the things that caught my eye if you didn’t get down there! Here is Part 1 of my highlights from The Allergy and Free From Show London. Make sure you check out Part 2 and Part 3.

Ambu-Tree-banner-finalAmbu Tree

Ambu Tree produce a selection of gluten and dairy free chilled, ready-to-use marinades. The range includes mild tandoori, spicy tandoori and Chinese five spice.
At the show samples were being regularly cooked of chicken and mushrooms coated in the marinades and I have to say they were exceptional. The taste was great and when reading the ingredients they are not only very natural but incredibly authentic. Ambu Tree aren’t telling porkies when they call this a “legendary family recipe”!
With each pot of marinade serving 4-6 people I really feel this is a great and simple way to spice up a family meal. I will certainly be purchasing some soon… I can imagine it working great on the BBQ!

paper_logo_backAmy’s Kitchen

Now I am not going to go on about Amy’s Kitchen as I am sure we all know how great many of the dishes they provide are… The Mac n Cheese and the Chunky Tomato Soup have always gone down well in my belly! But what I did want to mention is that I tried out a few samples of their upcoming Breakfast Sandwich, which is a delicious gluten free delight. I have heard they are hitting the shelves of Tesco in October so watch out!


Ananda Foods

Just wanted to briefly shout out about Ananda Foods Round Ups! When we came to The Allergy and Free From Show London last year they were dairy free but this year they also are now gluten and wheat free! Round Ups are basically any gluten and dairy intolerant who loved finding a Wagon Wheel in his/hers lunchbox as a kid’s dream! I must find some more ASAP!

Bakestone Bakery

bakestoneOne of the first things I tried at The Allergy and Free From Show London was a Gluten and Lactose Free Welsh Cake! Now I have never tried a Welsh Cake on any level before but I fell in love with the flavour of these almost immediately. Any cake that contains the likes of cinnamon and nutmeg is a huge winner for me. They were also really soft and tasted very fresh. If you haven’t tried a Welsh Cake before I would get in touch with the Bakestone Bakery. I see on their site they also do a range of other gluten and lactose free cakes and puddings so it might be worth having a nose around their site!



I would feel rude not to briefly mention Bfree even if I have actually done a post on their wraps before. I loved their stall last year and really loved it again this year. Since last year I have bought endless amounts of their gluten/lactose free wraps and eat them for lunch or with fajitas for dinner. At The Allergy and Free From Show London, the team showed how you can crisp up the wraps to make them into crunchy tortilla chips to dip in guacamole and salsa – a great idea. They were also showing off their Bfree Fajita kits which I have since seen in Tesco, if you are a fan of wraps and haven’t tried Bfree before, I advise you do. They are not too filling, have a great shelf life and are incredibly versatile (as well as being tasty!).

glamour puds

Glamour Puds

Another massive favourite from last year which I will never ever get sick of is Glamour Puds! Last year I came away with lots and lots of puds and it is great to see that since then they have found their way into my local Tesco. Being gluten and dairy free these are one of mine and Mark’s joint favourites. I was really excited to try the brand new Bakewell Tart Glamour Pud and was certainly not disappointed. This is a great addition to the range and I really hope it can be pushed into the supermarkets alongside the chocolate fudge and treacle sponge puddings. Ask me any day of the week what I want for dessert and I would likely say a Glamour Pud. Click here for last years Glamour Puds review.