Gluten Free Pancakes
    • 110g Gluten Free Plain Flour
    • 2 Large Eggs
    • 230ml Dairy Free MilkYour choice!
    • Oil or Dairy-free spreadFor frying
    • Your choice of toppings
    1. Pour your gluten free plain flour into a mixing bowl.
    2. Crack in two large eggs and whisk / beat together until smooth.
    3. Gradually pour in your dairy free milk whilst whisking. Do this until you have a lovely thin gluten free pancake batter. Place in a jug ready to make your pancakes!
    4. Heat a little oil or dairy free spread in a frying pan, make sure the pan is nice and hot!
    5. Pour the batter evenly into your frying pan, and tilt the pan to ensure the entire base is covered.
    6. Fry on each side for around 30 seconds.
    7. Maybe a cheeky flip?!
    8. Repeat till you have enough pancakes for everyone.
    9. Top with fodmap friendly fruit such as bananas & blueberries, or whatever takes your fancy!
    10. Enjoy!
    Recipe Notes

    The toppings featured in this post are peanut butter, banana and maple syrup but whatever is your cuppa tea will do!